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A couple suggestions for the new builder at VOTLR

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    Whoever’s building the new skinny at VOTLR I just want to point out a couple things you may have missed at trail building school;

    Murphy’s law dictates that riders always fall on the sharp edges, It’s not in the TTF manual but, is in the universal laws. These screws are a no-no, unless you’re trying to trap a rider? Then, spot on!

    Same rules here;

    If you make leg sized deep gaps riders will put their leg into them when they fall. Then they’ll continue to fall and break their leg!

    It’s not all bad news here my friend, oh no! Because you’ve built most of this TTF (term used loosely) on a Beech tree that fell over about 15 minutes ago. The canopy will collapse very quickly and rip this thing to shreds. Perhaps you’ll do better on the next build, you could hardly do worse. Sorry for all the sarcasm.



    Just have to shake your head sometimes. Who steps back and thinks, “yeah, that’s perfect!”



    I ain’t a skinny rider, but this thing looked terrifying to me. I was also sad that the line towards the bridge down the gully has been blocked, cause you need some good speed to get up the other side of the bridge. My friend who “enjoyed” this build recommended building a log over it perpendicular, so you could just go straight into the line to the gully bridge, which might work to salvage the current situation.

    Ugly wood is a part of mtb I’ll never be able to relate to, unfortunately.



    i second that something should go perpendicular,

    there’s a bunch of wood lying around up there that could maybe be used for decking too



    I rekon the whole thing should be torn apart. Who uses pine 2×8 to build a skinny talk about being slik. But second Jessie’s suggestion.


    Matty F

    I tried riding this this twice and ended up jumping off into the leaves twice. Construction aside, I find the poor run up leaves you without any speed to roll on to it, and makes that first 4″ drop/steep (third picture from the bottom) tough to navigate. What mostly bothers me is that it interrupts the line down to the bridge (though I think a jump over the log would add a nice feature to that line either way), and there is not actually a good line to get on to the skinny. You have to get off your bike and start a few feet away from the first log with no speed.



    I still miss the original.


    Joe Seven

    Looks like it was built by a drunkard at night.



    Not that I’ll be there, but it feels like there are at least 4 volunteers to build a new amazing VOTLR. Well, I might help if it means that the old line to the bridge is put back as it was.

    Is the builder even reading this? ha ha.



    I posted this under the assumption the builder can’t read 😀


    Maestro SM Ben




    Does this trail still exist under a different name?



    Does this trail still exist under a different name?

    This is just a particular section of the ridge. The vast majority of the skinnies are long gone and anything newly constructed on the ridge and spoken of in public forum can expect an extremely swift demise. If you’re keen to find the features in the Don I’d highly recommend catching the Tuesday Night ride as it’s the quickest way to finding a lot of the features.

    If all you’re looking for are bridges to ride. Dr. Quads has a plethora that have seen some recent upkeep.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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