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2019 Fat bike season – what's your setup

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    This season saw a couple changes, but I’m still very happily rolling with the same frame/wheels.

    New “Tanhelga’s” seemed like a great option for the window of soil/slop/fresh snow and I’m enjoying them so far. I can’t say I like them more or less than the Maxxis Minions of last season, but they’re certainly not making me sad. I’ll be headed straight back to my 4.5 Gnarwhal’s when it’s time for studded tires as they’ve got traction in spades.

    Making it go:
    Cranks went form the RaceFace Next SL to the Next R as the drive side crank arm split (lengthwise) during a ride last summer, thankfully RaceFace Warranty came shining through on that one.

    Drive train…. well, yep it’s a SS. After a season on the dirt running a 34/17 combo I opted to transfer it straight to the snow. I did however up the rear cog to a 21t in combination with an elliptical 34T chain ring. So far, so good. Only thing I’m not in love with is how “vibrant” the Shimano SS chain happens to be. Word is that the coating is outstanding in poor conditions.

    Uppie downie bits:
    Lastly the dropper went from the 150mm I’d mentioned a year ago to the 175mm I’d been hoping for. I’ve got to get the Chromag saddle off there for salt season and the Brooks all-weather Cambium back on, but that’s a tomorrow task.

    After a season getting to race and ride a few times a week in some very good kit I decided to pull the trigger on some “forever boots” I got my hands on a set of 45NRHT Wolfgar’s. I’m blown away by how lightweight they are considering their intended use. I’ve only got a couple rides in sub zero temps in so far and about all I can really say is that they’re WARM, and fit very true to size (according to 45NRTH’s sizing chart). I’ll dive deeper into details once I’ve had a chance to put some more serious time in on them.

    I’m thinking about getting poggies? I’ve got gloves, but I’m thinking about how often my hands really need to leave the bar and I’m starting to think about poggies. Curious if anyone has made that specific transition and what their thoughts are?



    Nice upgrades @blurredlines You are getting great use out of that beast. Hopefully we get to play in the snow a few times together this winter.

    I’ve got my same Pivot Les Fat, which i still love. Havnet made the move to 650b, still on 26×4″ and 26×5″ depending on the conditions. Also really liked the Hayduke with studded Wrathchild for those super hard pack and icy days.

    I am really focused on training and haven’t been out on the fat bike yet. Its not like the conditions have really been calling my either. I do still love riding in the winter though and look forward to getting out.



    Hard to be sad about the versatility of the Pivot Les Fat. Still get a kick out of Eddie messing around on it in the fat suit. I’m definitely in for a few “snow days” this winter.



    I’m starting to think about poggies. Curious if anyone has made that specific transition and what their thoughts are?

    I still don’t understand completely why they work so well, but they do.

    As a secondary benefit, it’s way easier to keep a thin pair of in-pogie liner gloves washed and dried when riding daily. Thick ski-type gloves take a day to dry, start to smell bad, require washing, then take two days to dry. With bar mitts I can just wear summer gloves or thin fleece that dry as fast as socks in the dryer.

    My only complaint about the neoprene Bar-Mitts and the Aliexpress imitations (I have one of each) is how freakin huge they are.

    If you want to take them off, they definitely won’t fit in a jersey pocket, and will probably take up half of your pack. They’re also big and floppy enough to cause sketchy no-handed riding on the road, particularly if it’s windy and/or you have studded tires.

    I had a pair of thin MEC-branded pogies back in the day that were 80% the warmth with 20% the massive-ness but the cuffs didn’t have enough rigidity for easy in-out while riding.

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