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2016 Rides – What Are YOU Riding This Year?


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    It’s that time of year again, when we all lust over new bikes and maybe sell some old ones to make room for a new one.

    Are any of you getting something shinny and new for next season? A complete bike or some cool upgrades.

    I am pretty stoked to be riding this Giant Advanced 1 next year. I sized up to a medium for next season and the bike fits great so far. This is a damn near perfect Ontario trail bike in my opinion. 140mm Fox sprung front and rear with full XT drivetrain and carbon bits throughout, rims included. Nice Schwalbe tires, though unfortunately Liteskin not Snakeskin. last year I rode the Trance Advanced 0 model which had XX1 and a Revelation. I think this bike will be just that much more capable with the FLOAT 34. STOKED!


    Neville Park

    Soooo … I meant to make this purchase about now anywhere into late winter.

    My old 2008 Devinci Remix SL4 had other thoughts.
    Late August my frame and fork blew up … enough that the eng’s at Devinci told me they had never seen that particular failure, as well my Fox Recon fork stanchion ripped away from the crown.

    So I got @fasttimes advice on who to see about a Santa Cruz – turns out the guys @cyclesolutions were the ones.
    I entertained a Troy, Thunderbolt, Bronson, Trance and a few others.

    As this was my first real big bike purchase, I wanted to pretty much choose the bike I wanted and simply pay for it.
    However, with the timing being late summer, a friend’s wedding out west, etc I was somewhat limited by my budget.

    Went with an alloy base build on an orange Santa Cruz 5010.
    Could not be happier!

    Numbers this, suspension that … whatever.
    I bought what I could afford and rode the hell outta it from day 1.

    That said, the Sektor gold 130mm fork, 2x drive train, lack of dropper and stock fox shock leave some room for improvement.

    New OneUp oval nw ring let me lose the clutter up front and a Pink Bike score on a local 150mm Pike RCT3 helped to stiffen up and make more plush my front end. Not to mention solving half the issues for less than half the cost.

    Next will be a 9.8 Fall Line post and been in deep discussion about the rear shock choice…monarch plus, db inline, fox flox x or x2 … even bought the wrong size Corset Air Sleeeve .. haha

    I guess I lust after carbon cranks (RF next) and wheels (Enve … but prob Light Cycle)

    BTW Mike D @cyclesolutions – put in a new 140mm air spring on the Pike and I feel that is the sweet spot for my SC Brolo. Slackening the HTA by 0.5 degree and gives that extra 10mm of bottomless feel.

    Here she is, in my opinion a near perfect bike for these here parts when built up like a Brolo (140mm fork)



    Nothing new yet. Still riding my ’13 Fuel EX as a primary trail bike and rocking by 09 SX Trail for anything burly.

    I’m interested in 27.5″+, but recently decided to stay out of the new bike scene for at least another year or two.



    Feel like I just built my new bike, haha.

    If I was building a new one though, it would probably just be the new verison of my Chromag as it comes with greater spacing for 27+ tires and shorter chainstays. Love my bike.

    @neville-park nice ride. You’ll really enjoy that fork.



    That’s a sweet ride @neville-park Really can’t go wrong with that frame. I rode mine yesterday, never disappoints. I’ve kept mine at 130mm up front but may bump it up to 140mm at some point. So far haven’t had any cause to. She hasn’t flinched.


    Neville Park

    @jcitizen – Thanks and yea – fork is truly all its cracked up to be. I made this mistake of renting a Reign with Pike / monarch + out west … fell in love with the during the drought rutted berms on Aline

    @fasttimes – Thanks and 130mm is perfect on the 5010 too. I may buy an additional 130mm air spring for the pike as well. I figured since I have a Sektor with 130mm, pike came as 150mm, made sense to go 140mm.

    Been out on the trails the last 7 of 8 days.
    6 of those on my 5010 … it honestly just keeps getting better and better under foot.

    Its like i am playing dueling banjos with my bike.

    Me – “oh you like to rail turns”
    Brolo – “lay me down more sweet cheeks”

    Me – “so you ever take yourself off any sweet jumps”
    Brolo – “…only if you bring chapstick”

    Me – “how do you like the new blacked out Pike bae?”
    Brolo – “Every girl needs a pretty black dress that’s why I didn’t through you OTB on the roots of the last jump in start of foreplay”

    Im pretty sure on the off chamber punch in the face climb, I heard Genuwines’ – My pony being played by my sassy Brolo. lol



    @neville-park you crazy… i like you, but you crazy.

    i have two hot 2016’s… here’s the fatty! base build of the RM Blizzard (-10). cable brakes and all…

    For an entry level bike it runs VERY VERY nice. the 1X setup works great on the cheap derailleur… The rear hub sounds like you are being chased by bee’s which gives you a happy face factor. I was sweating this and the level up build but i’m very happy to have not spent the extra money at this point. Brakes and a derailleur can get upgraded later once these wear out.

    The geometry of this bike is confidence inspiring! cannot say enough good things about it. I go between this and my 26 lbs carbon insanity monster with all high end components. The step down in components is welcome for the cost savings at this point…. No qualms about this paying for itself in fun factor and helping to keep burning calories and spin the cranks all winter.

    Got this from Elie from Cycle Life in Pickering.

    1. fatbikin.jpg



    decided to stay out of the new bike scene for at least another year or two.

    Yeah. *At least*… I’ll probably be spending the winter riding among the Don fat-bikers on a 2002-vintage CX bike.

    Some of the kids riding at Blue next summer may be younger than my DH bike.

    And my *newest* bike now has 6 years and 18,000 km on it.

    I will continue to wear period-correct kit and try to give the impression that I am an aging grouch who hates new technology and change, but I’m really just utterly free of disposable income.

    Mortgages. Not even once.


    secret agent

    Not doing anything either next year. I am pretty well set up for now for what I ride.
    @fasttimes, that’s a really nice ride, but didn’t you just fill up your stable with the whole Santa Cruz line up this summer? Are you working on one bike for each day of the week…. and then some?



    @fasttimes, that’s a really nice ride, but didn’t you just fill up your stable with the whole Santa Cruz line up this summer? Are you working on one bike for each day of the week…. and then some?

    The Trance is a bike for myself and other contributing members to ride and review for the site. We’ll have a bunch this summer as well.

    As for my personal bikes. I love bikes and love to ride them. I ride almost every day, at over 30 different trails systems this summer alone.

    Just staring to build this up as well.

    Back to being stoked on bikes, new and old…



    My 2008 Devinci Remix SL4 has been my go-to bike since new, and while it hasn’t had a catastrophic failure (yet), I may just be picking up a new bike in the spring. Don’t know exactly what it will be yet, but similar in theme… 5″ of travel trail bike.

    Of course, what to do with the Remix? Strip it down, buy a different frame and build a DJ bike? Maybe. What’s a good option in a 26″ wheeled, 1 1/8 steerer DJ frame?


    death from above

    Got this one finished. X more to go. Need to bring the stand + some tools inside to continue.






    going to rock the green sticky for 2016… pike up front, will need a rebuild. a thompson adjustable seat post, carbon cranks, carbon cromag bar with a cromag shorty stem. the wheelset is a derby dh carbon 650b (hookless 40mm wide) set up with dd spokes, tubeless and running 2.35 schwalbe’s. having bad luck with shimano brakes (and discs), srams work well for me and didn’t squeal during yesterdays ride (their bleed kit is tops). great braking considering the conditions. 1×11 gearing with a 34t up front. going to change that to an oval 28t. ran several enduro guards to protect the frame, currently pick up a new one from this company in germany. it came custom anodized to your color pick with titanium hardware. has a top sprocket retainer add on. but honestly my 1x11sram drivetrain has been performing through some pretty greasy conditions. i’ve very rarely dropped a chain. going to run this bike for a while and see what fails. it weighs somewhere around 26-27lbs? never weighed it. i also use it as my commuter to work.



    What’s up with the Shimano brakes? Love mine.

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