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11th Annual Dagmar Fall Invitational


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    Well I have had a few people ask me if I was doing my race this fall and I was unsure due to the turn out slowly going down with each race. This race will determine if I am going to continue these races in years to come. I love doing these events for you guys but its hard when only 20 or less people show up. I know people have other events to deal with. We have always been around the 30 racer mark. I would love to see more people make it out. So to everyone that has ever wanted to come to a dagmar race but hasn’t, this could be your last chance if it doesn’t go well. I want to keep doing these races so make sure you come out if you can.

    The date and time are October 21st at 9am.

    Santa Cruz



    I’m gonna be “that guy” because I’d actually love to see your event be a huge success. I’ve seen some of the photo’s from the past events and it sure looks like a great time. Huge thanks for putting it all together over the years.

    Managed to dig this up from a previous event, do the details still looking like this?

    People usually start showing up around 9. Trail will be marked. You can walk it first like most people do if you haven’t ridden the area before. We try and start the racing around 1 – 1:30 to give people optimal time to practice and have some food. We run a female, amateur and pro class for the racing. We collect $5 from everyone that is racing and I put it all back into prize money for the top 3 in each class. We use stop watches to time the runs and walkie talkies to communicate top to bottom. The person at the bottom radios up and counts down, 3, 2, 1, go and then starts the timer and stops it when you cross the line. Everyone gets 1 race run. Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. It is always a great time.

    And by showing up. I’m assuming just roll into Dagmar like I’m going skiing? Maybe not? I dunno, I’ve only ever driven past.

    Regardless of how relaxed the event is (sounds really chill) some solid details might help drive some new/more numbers.



    Don’t worry about being that guy. lol. Details are pretty much the same although there were no females at eh spring race and not enough guys to run AM and Pro cat’s so we just had an Open cat. Hoping to turn that around. This is not run at the ski resort nor does it have anything to do with the ski resort. The trails are at the end of Pickering Uxbridge Townline Rd at the top of the ski hill. This is a fun event with no affiliation to anyone. You take responsibility for your own actions. If your ok with that then feel free to come on out. If you need directions please let me know. Any questions please feel free to ask.




    Thanks for putting on a great event Bill, I’ll be sure to be at the next one!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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