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This is my Opus – The Horizon Featuring Andréanne Pichette.

May 26, 2014

This is my Opus- The Horizon. Our third video series instalment showcases Andréanne Pichette, Opus MTB World Cup racer and 2012 Canadian champion enjoying some California sun aboard her Opus Fhast.

Marc Landry is a Toronto, Ontario based action sports photographer. Honing his skills on local and World Cup cycling circuits, Marc has since expanded his subject matter to include several outdoor adventure sports. Marc is in his element when surrounded by the energy that top athletes radiate. The relationships he forms with his subjects is apparent in his images and is part of what defines his look. He is most at home in the mountains and his preference for long glass and elaborate lighting setups has become his signature style.


  1. I can’t say I’m terribly impressed at Opus’ mountain bike marketing. Obviously road and urban bikes are their primary focus, but seems to be almost zero effort put behind their flagship Nelson and 29er carbon mountain bikes – RFG might be the only site/publication to review either or both of them, even though by all accounts they are great bikes that deserve to get more exposure at their price range. This video is certainly okay, but the hardtail Fhast does not seem to be where the industry is going right now. Why not showcase the 29er or Nelson ripping great single track instead?

  2. They are producing a series of videos so i would expect a Prime and Nelson video soon.

  3. Good point, it is a 5-part series – so far there’s the Commuter (everyday road biking), Urbanista (cool hipster female biking), and that was the Horizon (everyday mountain biking/trail). They still need to profile their road bikes…hopefully the remaining two videos are respectively meant to focus on their high-end road and mountain bikes.

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