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We are always looking for bloggers, writers and photographers to be part of Riding Feels Good. Please use the following guidelines to submit your work.



Article submission guidelines:

It all starts with a good story:

The biggest hurdle is to write a good story; something others will want to read. The articles don’t need to be written by a professional or Pulitzer Prize winner but they should follow a few simple guidelines.

When writing your article:

  • Write about what you know and what interests you. This is a bike site but the content we’re looking for doesn’t always have to be a race report or press release. Write about what you’re passionate and knowledgeable about.
  • Spell-checking and proof reading are a must. Our editor will read and look over every article but articles should be well written and have no spelling or grammatical errors. No one is perfect and errors do slip through, even here, but do your best. You should have a friend or colleague proof read the article for you. This is a good opportunity to sweep one last time for errors and to get a final opinion on your piece before submitting.
  • Check your facts. Writers should check their facts thoroughly before submitting an article. Things such as names, places, dates, times, and results should be carefully checked and double checked for accuracy.
  • Have a clear relevant article title. The content of the article should be obvious from its title. If your article is to succeed online the title should be search-engine friendly and contain a good description of the story. It should arouse curiosity or otherwise motivate a person to want to read more. It should be as catchy as possible without risking the chance of being misinterpreted.
  • Limit the links in the body of your article. We acknowledge that part of the social contract of you submitting a story to us is that you may, at times, be doing so to promote yourself or your brand, sponsor etc. That’s fine, we still appreciate the content but ask that you limit the amount of links in the body of the article. We will happily provide you proper author and or/photo credits at a dedicated location at the bottom of the article.
  • Include a bio. If you would like us to, we are happy to include a bio with your article. This is a good way for readers to get to know you and to be able to reach you. You can reference the exciting bios on this site should you require examples.

The sort of articles we’re looking for are:

  • Share a riding experience. Whether it’s big or small, local or abroad, we want to relive your ride through your words and images. Road, Mountain, DH, BMX or your daily commute. If it’s about your ride we want to hear about it.
  • Technical articles. Articles about training, gear, and nutrition are always popular. Something that provides a view point or level of expertise on a subject. It can be as simple as a homemade power bar recipe or an in-depth review of carbon fiber.
  • Food for thought. Articles that are thought-provoking and meant to spark discussion or raise awareness about a particular subject.

How to submit your article:

  • Articles should be sent by PDF or word document to: submit(at)ridingfeelsgood.com



Photo submission guidelines:

When submitting your images:

  • Choose only the best. Edit them carefully and do not alter them in any way other than basic dust removal and cropping. We do not accept “digital art”. These images are for editorial purposes and should be a factual representation of the story they are portraying.
  • Be sure to include copyright and caption information.

Image File Specification:

  • JPGS at 72ppi
  • 610 pixels FOR THE SHORTEST EDGE – For a horizontal picture = width, for a vertical picture = height
  • May contain watermark with copyright information
  • Should contain EXIF data

Ask if you have questions about what is acceptable.

How to submit your photos:

  • Images for consideration should be sent via email to: submit(at)ridingfeelsgood.com or uploaded to the gallery.



Event calendar submission guidelines:

When submitting your event:

  • Include all of the following information.

Event Information
Date of Event:
Hours of Event:
Image for Event:

Venue Information
Postal Code:

Organizer Information
Organizer Name:

*All Fields must be complete
*Advertisers events take priority should there be a conflict.

How to submit your Event:

  • Send all the required information listed above via email to: submit(at)ridingfeelsgood.com.



Terms of Use:

Riding Feels Good will keep final editorial control over submissions in accordance with our Terms of Use.


Thank you for submitting your work to Riding Feels Good.

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