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Pushing Progression – Brayden Barrett-Hay Interview

January 30, 2012

Since opening, Joyride 150 Indoor Bike Park has had a massive impact on the cycling community. The owners, Scott Bentley and Mark Summers, managed to fit almost every type of two-wheeled adventure into one 90 000 square-foot building in the heart of Markham, Ontario. With this kind of facility located in the middle of the GTA, it has accelerated the progression of our sport to new levels.

This series is about getting to know the people that make Joyride such a success, as well as those who are there on a daily basis, progressing themselves so far that a few are starting to show up on the FMBA pro circuits as well as in UCI events.

Brayden Barrett-Hay was one of the first guys I ever shot with and got to know at Joyride. He is by far one of the sickest dudes out there, and one of the most modest as well. Brayden is always pushing himself to learn that one new trick, or to go even bigger on the box jumps. 2011 was a huge year for him, competing on the world stage at a select few slopestyle events. Over the holidays I got a chance to catch up with Brayden, and to shoot privately with him after hours one night at Joyride.

The Interview:

First off, welcome and thanks for taking time out of your schedule to talk about your last season and plans for this year! This year has definitely had some highlights for you. What did you get up to?
This year I road my first pro slope style event, witch was Claymore Challenge. I also rode AT’s showdown at the end of the year and made a few edits mostly filmed at my local indoor park Joyride 150. This fall I also quit my full time job to work part time at Joyride 150 and really focus on riding.

The Claymore Challenge was definitely a big step up for you, in terms of entering the slopestyle scene. What was the most important thing you took away from your time in New Hampshire?
I realized how much I love the feeling of big contests, there is so much pressure and nerves, but when you pull through an make it to the bottom in 1 piece its like the best natural high that your body could ever feel. Claymore Challenge really showed me that I can and defiantly want to get competitive.

How do you prepare for competitions like the Claymore Challenge? Does a place like Joyride150 help you with achieving your goals and improving your riding?
Joyride has helped me so much, without this park I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today. Having this park half an hour from my house has given me so much opportunity. I can learn or improve anything i want. Before I had Joyride all I had was a small local outdoor park and a shovel to dig jumps. Lots of motivation; but not alot of opportunity to improve my riding.


Joyride has been such a huge success since it’s opening just a few years ago, and has definitely changed the Ontario riding scene; what do you think Joyride means to our community? How has it strengthened the Ontario cycling family?
Joyride has made it so that everyone in the Ontario riding scene knows each other on a personal basis, and all of the young kids coming up are progressing so ridiculously fast. They can ride any day no matter the weather and their is always someone here to help them progress.


There are a lot of great things to say about Joyride. What would you say is your favourite thing (or feature) about the park?
I’d say my favourite thing about the park is that your can ride anything, From skate park to jumps, foam pit and resi, Skinnies and XC, pump tracks and even some street stuff. You can learn anything you want in this building, we even have a gym with spin bikes in it.

I’ve noticed that every time you drop in, you tap your helmet. What’s up with that?
Haha, it’s a bit of an OCD thing, I always use to knock on wood every time I thought of something bad. I started knocking on my head instead when I was a kid before I hit a jump every time and as I’ve gotten older it has just stuck. Now literally every time I do anything, I knock on my head for good luck haha.

Apart from having an awesome place to train, what/who else has been helping you out to get to where you are?
This past year I have really seen a lot more support. My family has really been there as much as they possibly can! When I was a kid my mom was always their to help me get parts or letting build jumps on our lawn. My sister has been the one person I knew I could count on; over the past few years she has done so much to get me where I am. Also this past year Keenan Gregor, helped me out with getting to Claymore Challenge and AT’s Show down. Another person who has helped me out a lot is Drew Bezanson. He has taught me so much on and off my bike. I was always so focused and motivated but I didn’t really believe I could make it. Drew taught me to believe in my capabilities, if you set your mind to something then nothing will hold you back.

Highlight of 2011?
I would say my Highlight of 2011 was flying to California and riding in AT’s showdown that course was crazy! That trip was amazing I’ve always dreamed of riding in Cali so to get that opportunity was a dream come true.

What bike(s) will you be on for the 2012 season?
For the 2012 season I will actually be riding 2 new bikes, I’m going to be riding the Morpheus Skyla slope style frame and the Morpheus Vimana dirt jump bike!


Setting goals is a key factor to anyone’s success. What goals do you have for the 2012 season?
For the 2012 season I will be competing in the FMBA world tour standings, so I’d like to participate in all the North American Events. I’d also like to compete in 1 or 2 events over in Europe. Also, I would like to hopefully make it into a lot of edits as well. And just as always, I want to focus on improving the way I ride my bike everyday.

Any shout outs?
I’d like to say thanks to Mike From Morpheus bikes for helping me out with frames for the 2012 season. Also I’d like to thank Eric from Deity for supporting me with components for my bikes. Last but not least I’d like to thank my friends and family for giving me so much support to get me this far, and hopefully much further.
I know I speak for most people when I say we are stoked to see you making a name for yourself in the big leagues! Good luck in 2012!

Steve Hayes is freelance photographer who lives and breathes bikes and the lifestyle around them. His pictures reflect the amount of time spent around bikes and the cycling community. Riding has given Steve amazing opportunities to travel and be a part of the cycling community across the continent, and right in our own backyard of Ontario. You can find him frequenting Joyride150 in Markham, ON, and any Ontario DH event (O-Cups and toonie races alike).


  1. Brayden has been killing it all season!! Congrats on the well deserved hook up from Morpheus!! Cant wait to see him kill it on the FMBA world tour!!!

  2. Brayden your the man!! You pushed yourself so much, keep it up!! Congrats on the Morpeus team hook-up and best of luck in 2012

  3. Great interview,great shots,great rider!

  4. Rad article! Nice to see local content!

  5. Brayden,
    It’s been such a pleasure watching you progress week after week after week. Your commitment is second to none and you’re the hardest working rider I see at Joyride.
    Your kind of drive and determination is what builds champions!

    All the best in 2012!


  6. I remember first seeing Brayden at the Industry comps. He’s definitely grown into a hard working and well rounded rider. Congratulations Brayden. It’s good to see so many young Ontario riders on the rise.

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