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Ontario Mountain Biking Trails – The Pines

November 27, 2014

When most people think about mountain biking in south western Ontario, they generally don’t think about The Pines. The Pines is a great trail system located on the east side of Woodstock Ontario. There is something there to test everyone’s ability. Whether you are an expert or a grom, everyone will have the same amount of excitement once they hop on the trails.

Each trail at The Pines is clearly marked by a visible sign just before entering a new section of trail. All the trails are specifically named to help keep the confusion to a minimum. Eg. Skidoo23. Getting lost shouldn’t be an issue either; all the trails are linked up together and run in a complete loop if you follow the directions of the trails. The difficulty of the trails will be marked with a colour code. Black is the advanced trails. Red is the intermediate trails and green is the easiest trails. When all trails are combined the full trail length is 20km.

The Pines Woodstock-5


Parking at the pines is very good. With a large size lot right at the start and finish of the trails it makes it very convenient for riders going on for more than one lap. Getting to The Pines is quite easy as well, with it being just off the 401 it is located at 745749 township road 4 Woodstock.

Hint the name, The Pines are in a pine treed forest and allows for a great atmosphere. The soil allows for riding in all conditions as well. Trails vary from flowy berm trails to rough trails with gnarly root sections and everything in between, this makes for trails that never get boring. If berms or gnarly root sections aren’t your thing there are plenty of trails that have flat corners with a smooth surface. Therefore it is a win win for everyone.

The Pines Woodstock-3

The Pines Woodstock-2


To make the most out of your experience at The Pines, it is best to ride with someone who is familiar with the trails. Sure it is easy to make your way through the trails and have a great time, but when riding with someone who understands the trails, you will be riding the best lines and having the most fun in the shortest period of time.

We definitely have to give a big thanks to all the trail builders at The Pines for putting a lot of hard work and effort into creating the trails and keeping them neat and tidy. Thanks guys!

Trail Length20kkm
Trail LevelAll Levels
Trail TypeSingletrack, some double track, roots, berms, and pine trees
Trail MapThe Pines Trail Map
Access fee$30 yearly membership
Closest TownWoodstock
GPSLatitude : 43.1768318
Longitude: -80.6946889
NameWoodstock Cycling Club
Hours of Operation 24-7
SeasonOpen year round


Riding Feels Good has compiled this information and ensured its accuracy to the best our ability at the time of posting (see date at top). We recommend contacting the facilities directly prior to a ride to ensure it is up to date. We will do our best to update it as regularly as possible but rely on users like you to monitor it and provide corrections and any additional information.

If you have something you would like to add or see a correction that needs to be made, please contact us.

If you have ridden here, please share your experience with a comment bellow.

Happy trails.

16 year old kid based out of London Ontario living the dream and chasing seconds all across North America. Whether racing or just riding, I'm always having fun on my bike.


  1. Chalk up another ride destination I need to hit up. Looks like a lot of work has gone in to these trails – well done WCC!

  2. Agreed, top of the list this spring! Thanks for sharing @adrenijr

  3. I hadn’t been out to the pines in a very long time. This place has evolved so much in the last few years. It rode like a new place…..berms everywhere. I had so much fun I went back a week later and rode in the snow!!

  4. First time I road at the pines was a couple months ago. A friend and I dropped into the first set of switch backs and I was whooting and haulering like child at christmas! This place is rad!

  5. They need to offer Pay Per Ride!

    I hate that I don’t think I will hit it knowing that it has good reviews, but considering we have access to :

    Don Mills
    Kelso (Which has pay per ride)
    Hydrocut (prob one of the best in SW ON)
    Cambridge (Better then people think)
    3 Stage

    And some I might be missing.

  6. Thank you @RFG and @adrenijr for this trail review. It was the catalyst for looking into these trails Two of us joined the club immediately after riding the trails! It’s only $30/year for out-of-towners. It is nice having the pump track next to the parking lot so that you can get warmed up before your ride and it was handy to loosen up after our lunch break before hitting the trails again. My g/f appreciated the (clean) portable restrooms. Looking forward to visiting many more times this season…

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