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Ontario Mountain Biking Trails – 3 Stage

February 10, 2015

Located a 10-minute drive south west of Collingwood in Gibraltar Ontario, 3 Stage is a trail rider’s paradise. 3 Stage is located in the Pretty River Valley Provincial Park, a 2500 acre plot of land boasting over 700 vertical feet of elevation on the Niagara Escarpment.



3 Stage is a network of 40+ km of mostly advanced single track. There is a wide variety of terrain at 3 Stage, everything from 10+ minute flowing descents to rolling hills and even some flat single track. Within a 2-hour ride it is possible to ride five different forest types from wide-open hardwood to tightly spaced cedars creating a feeling of riding totally different trail networks on your ride. The trails are on a clay base so things can get a little sideways in the wet and the rocks will be just as unforgiving even in the dry.



The trails at 3 Stage are mostly unmarked and can be difficult to navigate unless you have a keen sense of direction. Finding a local to tag along with is usually your best bet for not getting lost.

3 Stage is accessible from six trail access points. four of the access points are located on the 6th side road at the top of the Escarpment and the other two are at the bottom off of the 33/34-Side Road/ Pretty River Road at the bottom of the park. The main access is located at the 6th Line and 2nd Side Road. The black dots indicate trail access points. This map is slightly dated as new single track has been added but will give a basic understanding of the trail network.

3 stage map

3 Stage Map – Click to enlarge


The trails at 3 Stage are built and maintained by local riders so please respect the trails and pick up any garbage and downed logs. If using Strava, follow the trail and do not cut corners. If you are unable to ride a section of trail walk your bike, do not create a ride around.


Trail Length40kkm
Trail LevelHigh intermediate- expert
Trail TypeSingletrack
Trail Map3 Stage Trail Map
Access feeNo cost
Closest TownGibraltar
GPSLatitude : 44.441660
Longitude: -80.306357
Hours of Operation 24-7
SeasonOpen year round


Riding Feels Good has compiled this information and ensured its accuracy to the best our ability at the time of posting (see date at top). We recommend contacting the facilities directly prior to a ride to ensure it is up to date. We will do our best to update it as regularly as possible but rely on users like you to monitor it and provide corrections and any additional information.

If you have something you would like to add or see a correction that needs to be made, please contact us.

If you have ridden here, please share your experience with a comment bellow.

Happy trails.

Blue mountain local and cyclist through and through. Downhill racer at heart but also enjoy getting dirty on the roads and trails.


  1. Awesome trails and I will be doing my best to ride there more in 2015.

  2. No matter how good of a rider you are, there is something humbling waiting for you at 3 Stage. I’ve only ridden there a handful of times, but there are puke-inducing climbs, steep and tight switchbacks, baby heads, wheel traps, boulder gardens, you name it. You and/or your bike will suffer, but you’ll have fun.

  3. Had the pleasure of being shown around by @rowlands this fall for the first time. What an amazing trail system! I was shocked, and pleasantly surprised, by the length of some of the descents. I will certainly be back soon, definitely worth the drive from the GTA.

  4. We’ll get a proper RFG ride, several even, this summer. It’s a great ride. So is Kolapore, which we’ll post up soon.

  5. Best trails in Ontario by far.

  6. Really need to get out there for a ride this summer! Definitely on my to do list.

  7. Never knew this place existed, thanks for the write-up. Turns out it is about 1km from my family cottage!!

  8. 3 Stage is completely awesome but in a hard-core sense. I grew-up riding as a teen with the Squire John’s rides on Saturday mornings, then noshing on fresh-baked cookies and Dad’s root beer to get me enough energy to ride back to Collingwood.

    The map link doesn’t work, delete the “f” from ‘.jpgf” and then it works fine 😉

    I hate these trails because I don’t know them well enough to make good riding routes/loops. I love these trails because they are awesome, there’s a particular long decent down a valley ridge that is quintessential Ontario MTB packed into 5 minutes. Seriously needs better mapping & signage, I can’t be the only one that arrived at the same 6-trail intersection 3 times in a row just trying to get back to my car!!!

  9. Welcome to RFG @VR6iX Thanks for catching the error in the map link. Lots of folks here that would be happy to show you around the trails next summer. Cheers!

  10. 3 Stage is one of my favourite trail systems as well. I have only ridden it four times but no matter how much some sections beat you up, you still wanna go back. Twice I have had guided tours from locals and that is definitely recommended.
    Hopefully some one will create a map in Maprika. That would definitely make getting around a lot easier.

  11. Is 3 Stage open for Fat Bike?

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