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  • @zirca – Indeed… Motown needs some love, and by love I mean a hair cut…

    Crothers Woods “Pottery Road Climb” got another dose of the treatment this evening, so keep an eye out for the loose section near the bottom. We’ve got one last session planned for that climb and could use a few more hands to get the roots rock armoured and the soils…[Read more]

  • I could use a proper fitting, but those prices are absurd.

    @zirca, how about we spend $50 on booze, get drunk, watch some youtube videos and hope for the best?

  • Hey @zirca Sorry about the broken link, the link was changed without advising us. Its fixed and leads to main site.

    I have never raced any of the Substance Projects races but know Dan, the organizer, and he seems like a stand up guy. In it for the right reasons. He’s out there on snowshoes pulling a tire to make the next race course as good as…[Read more]

  • Hey @zirca I accomplished mine with a 46mm Surly rim strip to cover the canter channel and some Gorilla tape. I did the first one by cutting down a 80mm strip but then found these. I used the 2.88″ wide roll of Gorilla tape and did one pass on each side, up the side of the rim and overlapped in the centre. It’s bomb proof and I am not losing…[Read more]

  • fietser replied to the topic Strava Insights in the forum TALKING ABOUT BIKES 5 years ago

    @jcitizen the CoT (and consultants) actually already have all this data from their own studies (they placed counters along The Ridge and other locations) you can see it in NETS. I am sure that they have also used Strava data since I made a joke about it! They also gave data examples of the speeds attained on The Ridge (top speeds around…[Read more]

  • @zirca I am sure most people have no idea it exists, similar to what is actually laid out in NETS. Truth be told I believe it is a relatively new branch of the City. My involvement/ role in all of this is to try and keep the community informed, in a transparent manner, on the situation where trails are concerned. That’s it – no agenda, other…[Read more]

  • jcitizen replied to the topic Strava Insights in the forum TALKING ABOUT BIKES 5 years ago

    @Zirca you’re totally right. This new Ridge plan could definitely make use of Strava data to get a sense of how many cyclists are using the trail and the kinda speeds they are attaining and where, what’s most popular etc. when planning the update of the trail. I’m sure it’ll be made available if this current campaign is successful.

    Man, can you…[Read more]

  • Hey @zirca you’ll be missed at the meeting but thanks so much for taking the time to weigh in with your opinion. I will be sure to pass along your suggestions.

    I think you are right on the money in both cases. As you have pointed out Toronto does not have to reinvent the wheel and can look to a number of examples of what could be done here at h…[Read more]

  • Makes complete sense. Here’s to hoping the pro’s come up with a solution. That’s a great trail. With lower Motown also almost being washed out in sections, it’s interesting to see what’s going to happen to the East Side. Those are two great trails.

  • @zirca there are folks with more knowledge on the subject, but anyway: that bend in the river is always going to be prone to washout, so it’s pretty unrealistic to put a trail anywhere below. The area is perpetually eroding as the river hits that bend and digs out the soil out from under it. It’s a bummer

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