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  • Rode pottery to Sunnybrook and back this morning via ridge, Catalyst, PA, BOT, swamp, Gundy, SHT, rehab, roller flowster, Climbmax, bunny run, poop droppings. Things were surprisingly ok but with some bad wet spots on SHT, Swamp, and Climbmax. It will be even better now with the sun out. There’s a tree down on rehab just little ways after the g…[Read more]

  • On foot today. Trees on Catalyst are clear. Trails are pretty wet from the rain yesterday.

  • Out this morning and rode the west Don. Conditions for the most part were great with the exception of a handful of wet spots. Pottery climb was pretty wet. The switch back just before 3 rocks is nasty. Swamp is drying but still is really bad under Eglinton. SHT has a nasty stretch that’s passible if you can get on the rocks. The dips in the r…[Read more]

  • On foot this morning through Climbmax and the new flat trails by the Science Center pond. Climbmax was tacky to dry for the most part. There’s still ice at the bottom of the last DH. Stuff around the pond is either muddy or has standing water. Boo is dry. Riders were out and said Bunny Run was dry. Also heard that the Ridge was dry but C…[Read more]

  • Out this morning. Catalyst, PA, BOT are mix of ice and dirt. A tad dangerous but fun. The tree down on the last Climbmax DH has been cleared. Motown is almost all clear of ice. Low temps over night tonight. Tomorrow early should be good to go.

  • In the Don early looking for frozen dirt. Pottery up the ridge is mostly clear of ice but has nasty boot track throughout. It’s a bit of a bumpy ride atm. Beaver still has ice cover but it’s slowly clearing compared to last week. Swamp is ice. Gundy is icy and treacherous in spots. SHT is pure ice, would not recommend it even with studs. Sun…[Read more]

  • Slab changed their profile picture 10 months, 1 week ago

  • Out early this morning in the west Don hoping to catch frozen dirt. There’s still lots of ice cover. Even with studded fat tires the easy trails were a challenge at times. The Ridge was a much easier go with a mix of dirt and ice. It was nice to ride dirt again after all the ice this winter. New pipes have been laid down at the construction just s…[Read more]

  • Rode the ridge and everything in the west Don this morning. Everything is running great. It’s all frozen solid and a good challenge with a light dusting of snow. Our group had a variety of tire sizes with and without studs. Being studded made a big difference. Looking forward we’re going to be getting lots of nights with below zero temps. Sho…[Read more]

  • Yeah, we were through the valley at 7:30 when the police were still looking for her. They stopped us and showed a picture of her so we could look out for her. Riding the flats home we saw the marine unit out in the river. Article doesn’t say if that’s where they found her or not. It certainly added a somber mood to the ride. Sad story.

  • Was out this morning between 7:30 and 10 in the West Don. Everything was running great and was frozen solid. Snow and ice mostly clear on trails with exposure to the sun. Trails with no sun have packed snow and ice in spots. Because it’s cloudy today I did not see the usual thawing that starts to happen as the sun rises. If it stays cloudy I t…[Read more]

  • Just an addendum to Blurred Lines report. I was out both Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and can confirm it’s all freezing up nice. Perfect for early morning rides.

    Pottery to 3 rocks: the usual wet spots

    3 rocks to cricket tree via harder line: mint, watch out for frost on the wood.

    Catalyst and PA: frozen solid with the odd patch of ice w…[Read more]

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