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2017 Race Face Turbine dropper post & standard left-handed bar clamp remote with internal routing - 30.9mm with 125mm drop. (Will include used housing & cable if desired but they were cut to spec and may not fit of course.) This post has seen limited riding since spring 2017 and is in excellent condition and works perfectly - I’m simply experimenting with a longer dropper length.

Like many online I eventually had some sticking and air pressure issues with the post this spring that caused displeasure...then I finally got around to following Raceface’s simple re-lube maintenance in the first week of June, and it’s been aces ever since. (For those who asked - the Turbine is a re-branded version of the 9Point8 dropper, and the common Internet Complaint is that RF shipped with under-lubed foam rings, which leads to air pressure problems. RF customer support recommended the simple procedure when I called in the spring, so I did the re-lube with Slickoleum and fork oil and it indeed fixed the issue - I haven't touched a thing since early June.) So I guess the disclaimer is that if you’re not the type of person who likes to work on their own gear regularly or follow the manufacturer’s instructions (oops), then maybe Raceface’s Turbine post isn’t for you. In fairness that’s every dropper I’ve used, but hey....

Otherwise, it works very smoothly and quickly and the remote feels really nice - I like it way more than the Reverb and KS Lev droppers I've used. I can't post videos here, but I do have one from my uninstall on the 22nd showing on-bike operation and can send that along separately if you ask.

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