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  • Traiforks also has an emergency info button that sends out your location.
    I am told that there are several other tracking apps available at a cost and free. I am going to use the Iphone app since it is free.

  • Back to safety issues with riding alone. Doing some research on the Find my Phone app for Iphones, I found that you can track where anyone else is if you give them your apple ID information and turn on the services on the phones. I tried it last night and it works perfectly. Good thing is my wife can now find me anywhere I go. Bad thing is she…[Read more]

  • The spookiest was at Hilton Falls. Stopped to answer nature’s call. Finished and then it was absolutely silent. Not a sound. At least when on the move you hear the snow under the tires. Winter night rides can mess with your head.

  • I am getting used to riding at night again. Last two rides, I did not run into one person. It is a bit of a spooky feeling sometimes. I wish I was closer to the Don. From the west end of Mississauga, it takes me longer to get there than drive to Milton. Traffic is brutal after work.

  • Yeah, working with the city sucks. I have pointed that out quite a bit here over the years. I maintain the whole of the Culham trail system with a couple of guys and we pick up garbage and cut trees and have built two bridges out of pocket.
    However we have dismantled some jumps and two stunts that were downright dangerous. It is not all city…[Read more]

  • I have no problem with anyone trying to follow their sport. It was difficult enough trying to find spots to do Trials. Had to go to schools and parks and industrial areas. In the city you had to poach just about any place and get kicked out quite a bit. I understand that. The point is that if you build a pretty permanent structure without…[Read more]

  • Burnside is a completely different situation. It was build essentially under a bridge in an undesirable area. That makes a huge difference. This is at the end of a dead end street. Maybe you would think different if you had a crowd like this at the end of your street. Picture is from the Burnside Blog.

  • While I applaud the initiative, this was a no brainer for the city. It would be open to all kinds of liability for allowing it to exist. It was also built without permits or plans. I feel the same way about stunts, berms, jumps and that sort of thing on trails. As soon as you put those in on public or private land you are opening others to…[Read more]

  • secret agent replied to the topic Random Night Rides in the forum THE DON VALLEY 4 years ago

    I often do night rides on my own. I have taken some precautions by making a map of my route. My wife has it. I do not deviate from that map. I carry a phone and have the headphones in. I listen to music anyway, but this way I can call without having to look for the phone or having to dial any numbers. I have a buddy that knows the trail…[Read more]

  • Those creek trails are sweet. Super fast, super flowy and perfectly groomed. Actually everything I rode there was kind of like that. Thanks to Tom for the guided tour a couple of weeks ago. I really wanted to make this opening, but family stuff got in the way. I was seriously impressed by the size of the network and doubly so when you consider…[Read more]

  • I had 2 flawless years out of my Reverb post. Then it began with slow return and then it would sag a bit and not be fully engaged in any position. Had it rebuilt outside of warranty. 3 months later, had it rebuilt under warranty for the same problem and Norco replaced the whole lower portion. 6 months later I bought a 9point8 post as the…[Read more]

  • secret agent replied to the topic Good Night Riding lights in the forum TECH TALK 4 years ago

    I have heard of some overheating issues. I have not charged the batteries unless I am around and I mean within site. Having said that and having monitored the batteries, I have to say they did not get even warm. I guess that could change. I have to agree that the cheap lights would be more than suitable for casual rides. The entire light was…[Read more]

  • secret agent replied to the topic Good Night Riding lights in the forum TECH TALK 4 years ago

    I run a Serfas 750 on my helmet and on my bars. They work great. They are absolutely waterproof. This summer I was using one of them to light up the dock at the cottage for a very late swim. Alcohol may have been involved and the light dropped into the lake. Survived and working great. Someone here posted up about some cheap Chinese lights.…[Read more]

  • I’ve had nothing but bad dealings with the City of Mississauga for over 20 years related to anything off road and bike park related. Been waiting for 3-4 months and several emails as to what is going to be done with the Challenge park now that all the obstacles were taken out. I gather they are just leaving an empty field and the skinny sections…[Read more]

  • I think that the development of such clubs aids in the relationships with local government. I am not all that familiar with the goings on in the background at HAFTA, but they work with the region and stakeholders closely. The group did a complete clean up of Hilton Falls which does not fall into their mandate and help build and repair a couple of…[Read more]

  • Sorry about the long post, but it encompasses many issues.

    I have been riding since the early 80’s and have seen the scene grow and shrink and grow again. Racing has become more popular and in general there are more people riding and doing so all year round. This has put a lot more pressure on trails and trail systems. Like Singlesprocket…[Read more]

  • this kind of reminds me of this:

  • I certainly appreciate your efforts and attitude @fietser. I know what a hard slog it is to get things done. With population increase and land being at a premium for any kind of off road cycling, your job is going to be more and more difficult. I have seen the same issues with the same locations since about 88 when I got into MTB more…[Read more]

  • I think that one would begin with a clear plan and statement of goals. What is this new entity going to do? I would think something really specific needs to be laid out.
    Something like we are going to develop a specific location(s), the scope of the work and the strategy to get it done.
    Lay out the requirements for and the implementation plan…[Read more]

  • I appreciate the importance of having a voice, but I really don’t think the City of Mississauga really cares what we think as mountain bikers or serious cyclists. I don’t know the actual process that went into getting this approved, but I believe that it is all about the cricket pitch areas. They figured since this was being built they might as…[Read more]

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