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  • The hylophobe does appear to be right handy with the axe. Took a walk through part of the east and another look at the bridge construction. Didn’t see any issues, except for that the first (small) bridge on kitchen sink northbound has gone missing. It’s the one right by the corner of the chainlink fencing. I walked down the slope a ways and…[Read more]

  • On foot this morning along motown, the trail was definitely firm enough with frost for riding and almost entirely clear of snow so early mornings are looking good. As for later in the day I can’t be sure, but what I could see in the dirt was many tire prints from the previous day or so, and there didn’t seem to be much sign of slipping/skidding so…[Read more]

  • Out today in both the east and west, tread looked good with only scattered squishy and slick spots and for the most part rideable with suitable judgement. All that raking has had good effect, by comparison to the nooks and crannies off the main routes where leaves had accumulated and which consistently showed more moisture. Deadfall has been…[Read more]

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