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  • On foot PA / RJ / Cat / Beaver Flats early this morning. Things are way further along than expected!

    PA – the washout below Squirrelly Point (the wide uphill bridge) is eating its way uphill really quickly.

    Rim Job – bumped into 4 City workers dropping in from Beth Neilson Drive. They were either Toronto Water looking at the sewer/culverts…[Read more]

  • Winter Don at its best. Probably won’t get much better than this, and hopefully these conditions will stick around for the week.

    Mostly great bootpack and textured ice on central Crothers, Flats, Beaver, Boo (section around circle parking lot is the worst part), new bits below Climbmax and around the Sci Centre pond. Swamp is great up to Serena…[Read more]

  • On snowshoes for a second lap of Boo / Beaver / pond trails. Lots of deep-bass whooooomp snow compaction happening and way more rideable today than yesterday. Low pressure fat tires will rule the day and put the finishing touches on grooming.

    Since the trails are essentially kilometres of level 20″ wide skinnies without passing lanes, who has…[Read more]

  • Conditions are highly variable: expect highs and lows, laughter and tears.

    Paved path from Pottery Road up to south end of ET Seton is one long narrow bootpacked skinny, then plowed from circle parking lot northbound to ???

    Solid bootpack on central parts of Crothers, the Flats, the Swamp. I’m *guessing* there’s more bootpacked skinny trail…[Read more]

  • Yesteryday/Saturday was a studs-only affair. With the new snow I thought I’d give 4.6 stud-less a try and found it to be generally hard going. Fingers crossed that the fluffy snow bonds to the ice beneath. Time to break out the snowshoes!

    Good – lower trails with a scalloped tread were fairly forgiving, as was the paved path and wide open fields.…[Read more]

  • Challenging conditions but worth the effort. Fat tires track WAY better than skinny and studs don’t seem to make a difference as the riding is definitely floaty. This snow is slow hardening moreso than packing so be prepared to work. Best bets are the Flats/Beaver/Boo having all seen multiple passes of boots and tires. They also seemed extra…[Read more]

  • Not as cold, snowy or windy as expected this morning but that seems to be changing. All the low trails from Crothers to SHT were good to go on non-studded fat tires. Expect some glacial build-ups on Beaver Flats mainly at the two washouts that will be hidden by the snow.

    Hopefully a steady stream of riders throughout the day will pack the snow…[Read more]

  • Riding this morning for the first time in a long time. Frozen goodness, wicked sunrise, and a clean bike! As above, with a few notes:

    Woods Gundy DH has a large dead ash leaning over the first sender. Currently you can ride under it but it’s destined to lay across the trail soon enough. It’s near the start around that high-speed blind left-hand…[Read more]

  • To sum up the last few posts and update the state of the nation:

    Leaves cleared on:
    East Don – Dr. Quads / Fruitloop (thanks @drc); Motown (two weeks ago – thanks @crank)
    West Don – Cat / RJ / PA / BOT / Beaver Flats / Swamp / Woods Gundy / (S)SHT / Rehab trails / Roller Flowster / 4play

    RF & 4play had A LOT of leaf cover and were pretty greasy…[Read more]

  • *** 20cm tree across Woods Gundy DH at the WORST possible spot ***

    Lower end of a snapped crown – sorry, too big to move.

  • Leaves cleared on Cat / RJ / PA / BOT / Beaver Flats but greasy underneath. If you’ve been thinking about helping out this year now’s the time to grab a rake! Even just cleaning out low spots and drainages will make a huge difference. Thanks to those who have already been out in the West.

    Last night’s wind brought down some fresh lumber. One of…[Read more]

  • The Don at its best – the trails/colours are not to be missed. Get out there!

    PA – someone has made the little jump prior to the BUMP jump more safe. You’ll see 😉

    BOT – another 25 cm tree leaning across the trail just around the first corner. Stay low and you can ride under this one but try to pop that wee lip and you’ll likely decapitate yourself!

  • On foot this drizzly morning.

    Beaver Flats – there’s a replacement bridge for the broken tapering one. I’d say new bridge, but look closely and you’ll see wood salvaged from at least three other defunct features – bonus points if you can name them. Rock solid though. Fall colours around Doobatorium are spectacular.

    Catalyst – the broken bridge…[Read more]

  • mcbain replied to the topic Salmon in the forum THE DON VALLEY 2 years ago

    I haven’t seen any yet this year but this weekend is supposed to be the start of the run. As above, the fish ladder adjacent the paved path just north of Pottery is awesome but busy with other humans. The West fork waterfall at the top of the Flats is a BIG jump for the fish so super impressive, but most go East. Last year one got stuck on the…[Read more]

  • Forgot to say thanks to Edward Scissorhands for the most excellent haircut on Rim Job, north Beaver Flats, and PA at the “BUMP”. Much needed and much appreciated!

  • Some fallen lumber after yesterday’s windstorm. Redway to Cricket Tree has been cleared of 99.9% debris (so N Crothers, Ridge, Flats, & Topo). The rest of the West Don was rideable but it’s highly likely to pick up sticks in wheels and drivetrains. A few more trees are hanging above the trail (BOT!) but the only obstruction we encountered was two…[Read more]

  • On foot in the mid-west this morning. Trails have a few puddles and slick spots but the Don-crete shed most of the rain. Some updates:

    Ridge – new work is indeed soft so watch your front end. Remember the corner with the concrete slabs with rebar poking out? Soft (but rebar has been cut off ).

    Beaver Flats – tree down across the trail just north…[Read more]

  • Great conditions over the weekend and, apparently, later this week. A few notes:

    Ridge – that was a Stewardship event on Saturday and a bunch of much-needed work got done. Heads up around the middle (sorry, hard to explain) where a literal ton of dirt and rock was moved to improve flow, drainage, and fun – it’ll be soft after all of this rain!…[Read more]

  • West Don Crothers to 4play in great shape early this afternoon (but didn’t ride Climbmax, Bunny, Dirt Farm or the Flats).

    Boo – one 30+ cm tree blocking the trail by the circle parking lot (close to Pedro & Napoleon Dynamite’s sweet jump).

  • SSHT – trees are out of the way so all clear
    Rehab trails, Smith’s Edge/Roller Flowster (S.E.R.F.?), 4play all in great condition

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