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  • I rode Trash Panda for the first time this week. What a great trail. Thanks to those involved.

    How long has this been here? Any other new trails I should be looking for when the dirt dries out?

    I’d love to be able to say thanks to the troll gnomes. Shovels or tools? Cases of beer? Let me know whats needed .

    Fingers crossed for a dry long weekend.

  • I have a free day next week in Vancouver and would love to check out some trails. 90% of my mountain biking has been done in Ontario but I love to drool over the classic and new trails that are seen all over youtube and magazines.My plan is to rent a bike and hit some trails for the day. Any suggestions on what trails I should ride? I could rent a…[Read more]

  • fjm222 started the topic Salmon in the forum THE DON VALLEY 2 years ago

    I realize this is a bit off topic, but I am using every angle to get my kids on the trail. Has anyone seen salmon spawning in the Don this year? I would love to end the ride watching a few fish run up the river.

  • I have seen more people riding CX bikes in the Don this season. My passion in single track but I recognize that road biking has helped my fitness substantially. Should I be thinking about CX the same way? I’d enjoy riding in the Don much more than the roads around the city.

    Are most CX riders road bikers looking for variety or trail riders…[Read more]

  • Does anyone have experience riding 27.5 + tires in the snow? I have ridden the hard pack in the Don on 29x 2.3 many times. I’m thinking of getting a set of 27.5+ and want to know if it will help me get out more in the winter. I have heard others say that switching between 29/27.5+ makes for a more versatile bike depending on where you are riding.…[Read more]

  • fjm222 started the topic Hightower or Tallboy? in the forum THE DON VALLEY 3 years ago

    I am ready to upgrade my ride and excited to demo a few bikes. The majority of my riding is done in the Don but I also ride a few times each season in Collinwood, Kelso, and Durham. I hope to make more trips to places like Burke Mountain as well.

    What are people’s opinion on the Hightower vs Tallboy? I am not sure if I want to sacrifice climbing…[Read more]

  • fjm222 started the topic Motown loop? in the forum THE DON VALLEY 3 years ago

    I rode Motown for the first time in a while today and remembered what a great trail it is. Where do most people ride once they exit at the train tracks? Dr Quads didn’t look like many people had ridden on it for a while. Does anyone have any recommendations for where to head next? A good loop in the East Don would be preferred.

  • Is the rocket the dirt jumps at the end of the flats?

  • Are lights needed this time of year? I tend to ride more on the weekends but would love to start making it out to a group ride in the evenings.

  • Hey all, I signed up for P2A this year but unfortunately I wont be able to make it due to a conflict that weekend. They don’t offer refunds but I can transfer the entry. I bought the pre-race bus ticket, and a t-shirt with my admission. ($30 value). If anyone is looking to sign up I am willing to transfer and give the bus and t-shirt for free. The…[Read more]

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