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  • Rob DeBoer wrote: “Where is the bypass for the Hydro works at Millwood”. Going north, after exiting from Poo Plant, you go beside the fence that runs along the hydro access road and then just past the bridge there is a steep uphill trail reconnecting to the Ridge. Also kudos to whoever made PA rideable again past the Squirelly point washout.

  • On foot today checking out rain damage. Bad news the trail at squirrelly point on PA is completely washed away Photo attached looking south towards the bridge

  • Did a loop ride today starting from Lawrence in the East Don. Garbage Cow-Rehab-Roller Flowster-4-Play-SHT-Woods Gundy-Boo-Bunny-Motown-Kitchen Sink. Garbage Cow, Flowster, 4-Play-Boo (riverside), and Bunny were very good with only 1 or 2 small muddy spots each. The others had a bit more wet/muddy areas and I had to walk a couple of times on…[Read more]

  • Out this morning on foot in the east. Updates:
    Motown: There has been tree-felling for the new paved path at the north end of the trail. Currently blocked with the trees until the work crews clean up in there. To connect to Dr. Quads/Kitchen Sink you can take a right just before the last 2 downhill switchbacks and exit beside the fence out to…[Read more]

  • Mikester wrote: “Calling all chain saws – Roads Apples has two trees down – if riding it clockwise the first one is about 3/4 of the way around and the second one is on the way down the hill as you exit Road Apples.”

    The downhill is now cleared. Didn’t have the right equipment for the other but I did clean it out somewhat so it is easier to get…[Read more]

  • Was out on foot the past few days hiking most of the trails north of the cricket tree. Boo and Bunny are good to ride. Most of the others still have mud and/or ice present and should be avoided for now. Some other updates:
    Beaver Flats: typical erosion below doobatorium although not nearly as bad as last year. The dirt after the most…[Read more]

  • rafterman wrote: “the first (small) bridge on kitchen sink northbound has gone missing. It’s the one right by the corner of the chainlink fencing. I walked down the slope a ways and couldn’t see it anywhere so doesn’t look like the usual sort of vandalism. I haven’t been out in that direction for a couple months so others may know what happene…[Read more]

  • Did some additional raking in the rain. Boomerang, Bunny Run, Dirt Farm and Bunny Poop all raked and clear. I did rake Climbmaxx about 10 days ago but not sure of its condition.

  • Good day of raking and riding. Dirt is generally very grippy with the odd wet spot. No additional downed trees to report.
    Kitchen Sink: raked from the southern terminus up to and including Everything Butt.

    Boomerang: raked about 2/3 from Fruitloop to “Devil’s Hill”. Should be able to finish the remaining tomorrow morning.

    Bunny Run: rode,…[Read more]

  • Raked Dr. Quads and Fruitloop this morning. 2 large trees down on Fruitloop- one about 150m north of the big switchback climbs and the other on the final south end downhill run. Some wet and greasy spots but mostly fairly dry- should be good to ride tomorrow.

  • I would definitely recommend a ride on BOT right now. The low hanging tree at the start has been removed and the trial raked so conditions are very mint. Other trails are also good with varying degrees of leaf coverage to watch out for.

  • Agreed, Dr. Quads is riding better than I have ever seen it. I was actually able to ride all the bridges (well… not including that flying wooden berm structure).
    Not sure if the trail fairy is on the RFG forum. He is on trailforks and you can read his trail report by clicking on the Dr. Quads trail. He looks to be about half my age (sadly…[Read more]

  • Out riding the east side this morning. While riding Dr. Quads, I encountered the same trail fairy as yesterday. He is the guy who has been fixing up Dr. Quads and was putting the finishing touches on the off-camber bridge so it is now fairly level. The last bridge over the small gully is also completed and is on a high line and easy to miss…[Read more]

  • Did a walk this morning on Beaver Flats – Boo loop. A trail fairy was leaving with chainsaw in tow after removing the downed tree on Beaver Flats. The downed tree on Boo has also been removed.

  • Conditions in the Sunnybrook area from SHT up to Foreplay are excellent. The downed tree limbs on Lower Rehab have been removed so it is clear sailing.

  • Dr.C changed their profile picture 1 year, 10 months ago

  • Echoing @BlurredLines– everything is mint today from the Cricket tree up to 6-Play. Managed to trim back some overgrowth at the far end of 6-Play (Floating on a Vine?).
    At the north end of Boo, the paved trail is closed between the 2 bridges for some re-paving (expected to take a couple of days according to the workers). When exiting from the…[Read more]

  • @repack wrote: “There is what looks to be another part of the same tree down in that spot at the entrance to Beaver Flat/catalyst. It is about 6″ and standing up and planted firmly in the ground like a small tree trunk. I couldn’t tell if it was a practical joke or for real. A smaller 4″ log over on climbax just metres from the start of the main…[Read more]

  • Walked Kitchen Sink near Eglinton to scout out best way around the construction. Cleared out the old Eglinton Ravine trail (see Trailforks for location) as best I could with my meagre hand implements. It should be the best way to get around the construction. Trail should be rideable in sections. Passes through two homeless camps, although the…[Read more]

  • @mcbain wrote:
    Add that to:
    WG: <30 cm ash across trail at highest point
    SHT: <30 cm ash across wee boulder drop feature near S end
    Hubble’s Return: <30 cm maple on the climb out
    Rehab: one small tree crown just poking across flat rim section near Bayview
    Roller Flowster: 70 cm shattered trunk bridging the trail in one of the first small g-outs p…[Read more]

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