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  • I felt like riding my bike today so I went out about noon with the intention of riding pavement as I didn’t expect trails to be any good after the rain yesterday. However, I went to Flats/river trail to check it out and found it to be mostly dry. I checked out Crothers/Ridge and found it to be dry, fast and grippy with the occasional damp spot.…[Read more]

  • Rode today at 10;30. I started on Catalyst, Rim and PA. Strangely, they were all a little wet and slick where the trail was shaded from the sun. Areas that got sun were good. Many of the the climbs were slippery. Not as good as I thought they would be. Maybe the moisture will evaporate as the day progresses. I then went to Motown which is south…[Read more]

  • Rode today about noon today
    Flats, Ridge, Boo, Swamp, Wood Gundy and Motown were dry, fast and mostly leaf free. They seemed even drier than Tuesday in spite of the precipitation yesterday.

  • Rode about noon today
    Wind and sun drying things up
    River Trail, Ridge, Boo, Swamp, Wood Gundy, Secret Hidden, Asylum, Bunny, Motown – excellent – mostly dry, few small sections with leaf buildup but not really an issue
    Five Play – wet at the start with lots of leaves on the trail – didn’t continue

    Fence Wars – River Trail – Workers had…[Read more]

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