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  • I’ve only used KMC and Shimano chains in 8 & 10 speed versions, currently running an HG95 after wearing out the stock KMC last year. My main issue with the KMC was it derailed off the front chainring fairly easily, I’m running a 2X with a clutch derailleur and all too often the chain would get shaken off the big ring after a DH section. This…[Read more]

  • Took some photos of the construction by the railway bridge on the south loop. Anyone have leads on what’s going on in there?

  • Construction crews have bulldozed an access road down to the creek just north of the railway bridge on the east side of the south loop. I was just riding along about to hit that nice downhill section and boom, construction fence and a good 10-15 metre wide dirt road running parallel to the tracks starting from scrap yard/industrial lot that’s…[Read more]

  • North loop is good to go. Couple wet spots in the usual places, everything else is in surprisingly good shape. Just watch out for the wet leaves & tree roots. Popped into the south loop for a bit yesterday, the high lines are good but some of the lower sections were still pretty messy.

  • I should be there. I’ll try to keep the partying & drinking under contorl tonight.

  • 9point8. It gets rid of the hydraulics which is where 95% of the problems in a dropper are. I’ve had my hands on a Fox Transfer and while it feels nice & all it still uses a high pressure hydraulic system so it’ll have all the floating piston & seal problems which are a part of those designs.

  • I wouldn’t touch those. For one thing 18650 cells top out at 3400-3500mAh in capacity, anything more than that is a fake. They might work decently for your needs, but there’s a pretty good chance they’ll be lacking or defective in some way. Stick to Panasonic, Sony, Sanyo, Samsung, and LG cells, or brands which have been confirmed to rebrand…[Read more]

  • 18650. If you don’t mind building a new holder for the battery pack you can definitely upsize the cells if you need more run time.

  • I own one of those cheap lights and have rebuilt battery packs for both myself and others. I personally wouldn’t use one unless I’ve opened up the battery pack to check the parts & connections and test all the cells. Problems I’ve found include questionable solder joints, wonky connections, and bad and/or questionable quality cells in the…[Read more]

  • Watch your head on the south loop, the leaning trees & branches are getting lower & lower after the recent rains. Other than that everything is good.

  • More artwork added to the outdoor living room. I wouldn’t be surprised if a tent/bong shed shows up at that location like it did in the south loop a couple years back.

  • The Turbine Cinch crank is a 30mm spindle, Chris King doesn’t make a BB that fits a 30mm spindle crank into a BB92 frame. Wheels Manufacturing makes a BB that’ll fit your crank into your frame, Praxis is supposed to have one but I’m not sure if it’s out yet. Race Face BBs just suck, mine went creaky within days and lasted less than 2 weeks…[Read more]

  • I’d agree that the trails in that loop don’t require a ton of travel unless you’re trying to smash everything at full speed. Like the time I went into Rollerflowcoaster at a good clip without doing a brake check on the big rollers and accidentally aired out the entire 2nd roller, then landed at the bottom of the g-out. Scary as hell and I’m not…[Read more]

  • My local trails are Etobicoke Creek though I do ride in the Don from time to time. Thanks to demo days, friends, and other people I know, I’ve ridden everything from hardtail XC race bikes to long travel enduro bikes in the Don. Can I ride everything just fine on a short travel XC bike? Sure, and it’s pretty fun too until I get to some of the…[Read more]

  • I own a Norco Range carbon and have ridden the carbon Sight in the past. Personal thoughts, 160mm or nothing. When setup properly, the longer travel Range doesn’t really give up anything to a 140mm or 120mm bike unless you’re tooling around at low speeds on tight trails. Once it’s moving at a decent speed it’ll pop & jump off anything on the…[Read more]

  • My issue is more lapses in judgement than anything else. If I ride smoothly & fully in control I have no problems making lightweight rims & tires last and keeping tires attached to rims, problem is I often get into marginal or out of control situations where things get slammed really hard. Granted I haven’t ridden an Enve setup yet, but I did…[Read more]

  • I’ve ridden more plus bikes than I can remember, but spent the most time on the Ibis Mojo 3, Cannondale Bad Habit, SC Hightower, and RM Sherpa.

    With regards to tire pressure & bike setup, I’ve always had problems with rim strikes and ripping tires off of rims, there’s no way I’d go below 28psi unless I’m running a 2.5″ 2-ply DH tire or it’s wet…[Read more]

  • I have a differing viewpoint of plus size tires, one that’s not nearly as positive. At moderate speeds they’re almost magic, on the off camber sections of the Don or Etobicoke creek they’re just glued to the trail and are nearly unaffected by roots, rocks, or other obstacles that’ll kick a normal tire sideways and require a correction.

    The…[Read more]

  • I see 27.5+ the same way I see 29ers: I recognize & acknowledge the things they do well and understand why a lot of people like them, but they’re not for me and I hate the damn things. I’ve ridden a bunch of both and they just don’t do what I want them to do.

    If you’ve got about 20 minutes to spare, Soho Bikes TV rounded up a who’s who of UK…[Read more]

  • aerius replied to the topic Tubeless question in the forum TECH TALK 4 years, 9 months ago

    I have the same issues as @Renegade Hardware when it comes to burping and tearing tubeless tires off of rims. I mostly run tubeless because my local trails are infested with various thorny plants and several sections are covered with broken glass. I got sick of fixing flats all the time and since I already had tubeless rims I figured I might as…[Read more]

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