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What is a user policy and why do we need one?

Online communities such as ours require a set of guidelines and etiquette to which its users must abide in order to ensure a pleasant environment for everyone. We are quite liberal here at Riding Feels Good and tolerate a lot, but there are a number of firm set of laws that must not be broken.

On this page you will find a list of rules and guidelines which you must read and understand before posting in our forums or commenting on the site. If you are unclear about something, or if you’re not certain something you’re about to post is allowed, please contact a moderator. They are there to help and will do their best to answer any questions you may have. It’s ok to disagree with them but remember that they are always right and their decision in any matter is final.

Riding Feels Good strives to make the overall experience on our site friendly and informative.  Please respect your fellow members by adhering to the simple guidelines below.

  1. It’s about the ride!
    Riding Feels Good, the name says it all.  We all ride, that’s why we’re here.  This site is about community and sharing the thing we love the most, riding.  We are here to provide quality information about cycling and to help further our sport through this community.  While on the site or on the trail,  be kind an courteous to your fellow riders.  Lend a hand, share a pump and answer simple questions as you would appreciate yours answered.
  2. Constructive criticism
    It’s ok to disagree with someone or to have a different opinion on a topic, picture or comment.  We encourage open conversation and want people to feel comfortable explaining their point of view.  All we ask is that you keep inflammatory comments and one word replies like “fail” to yourself.  This does not add anything to the conversation and quickly sends things spiraling downwards. Instead, try and compose your comment in a way that is helpful to the person who posted the content.  Think about how you would like someone to respond to your content before you post.
  3. Read before commenting and submitting
    Before you make a comment or ask a question be sure to read the thread and search the forums to ensure your question has not already been answered.  Before posting your comment, please give it one final check to ensure its ready to be made public. Check your spelling, grammar and any links or images you may have included.  Most of all though, make sure your comment makes sense and is of value to the site.
  4. License and copyright violation
    What you have on your personal computer is not our concern. It does however become an issue for us if posted on Riding Feels Good.  Posting material or links to sites where software, music or films can be illegally downloaded is not permitted.  There is an absolute zero-tolerance policy regarding the posting of copyrighted material!
  5. Discrimination/racism
    Racism and/or discrimination is not permitted on the site. This is grounds for immediate suspension from the site.
  6. Pornographic material
    This website is open to minors, who should not be exposed to this sort of matter.  Pornographic and erotic material is not permitted.
  7. The search engine
    Please use the sites search engine prior to asking a question.  Many questions have already been posted and answered.  For news, features, reviews and all content on the website, other than the forum, use the search engine located at the top right hand corner of main site.  For content found in the forum, please use the search function found in the forum menu.
  8. Posting
    When posting a new topic, please do so in the appropriate forum.  There is a description of each forum to help guide you.
  9. Double posting
    It is not permitted to create multiple topics for the same issue.  Do not post the same topic in multiple forums.
  10. Off-topic comments and reactions
    Stick to the subject at hand.  A funny reply here and there is harmless but anything off-topic and irrelevant to the original post will be deleted.
  11. Clear topic titles
    Please choose clear topic titles for your post.  Vague and ambiguous titles such as “check it out” will be removed.  These are not search friendly and offer nothing more than clutter to the forum.
  12. Multiple accounts
    It’s not allowed to create multiple accounts.. It is also forbidden to share your account or account information with others. If you have registered and have an issue with your account settings please contact an administrator.
  13. Smilies
    Please use smiles and other emoticons sparingly.   A smile is great but one often does the trick.  Posts with a dozen icons will be removed.
  14. ALL CAPS
    Capitalized letters are the internet equivalent of yelling and are very intrusive.  Titles and post written entirely in caps will be removed.
  15. Trolling
    Posting inflammatory,extraneous, or off-topic messages with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion is not allowed.


How Issues are resolved on Riding Feels Good

Please report any issues to the site moderators and refrain from engaging in online flaming wars.How Riding Feels Good moderators deal with issues

  • Minor/isolated issues – Comment is deleted and the user is notified
  • Repeated issues – User warned and temporarily suspended
  • Severe issues – IP Ban from Riding Feels Good


Your comment can be deleted for any of the following reasons.

  • Making a comment about anyone’s faith, sexual orientation or race is grounds for immediate ban
  • Having an offensive or vulgar avatar
  • The comment is deemed vulgar or offensive
  • Linking to offensive websites
  • It contains or links to copyright protected material
  • Complaining about content and material on the site
  • Complaining about bike shops
  • Flame Wars
  • Trolling
  • Making comments and asking questions about something already previously covered
  • Trolling; posting off-topic, inflammatory comments with the purpose of provoking others
  • Spamming or soliciting


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