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Riding The COLT in 48 Hours! 

Jul 13, 2017

Stefan” was looking at next weeks schedule . Maybe try to get up to Orangeville weds night . Eugenia and Collingwood Thurs, camp in Barrie and back for 1pm on Friday. Will try to make as off road as possible.” Wayne “ Sounds dope, I’m keen” Stefan” we can practice race sleeping, lol “ Stefan”Http//www.bikepacking.com/routes/central-ontario-loop-trail/ Think we can do it

East Coast Open 2017 – Photo Report and Video Highlights

Jun 02, 2017

Words: Jason Petznick Photos: Andy Vathis Video: Brian Hunt and Paul Reid   01 MUD BOG Mud, muck, slop, boue, gadoue, bourbe. No matter what you call it, there was no escaping it this past weekend at Blue Mountain Bike Park. In stark contrast to last year’s achingly dry race conditions, an unusually wet start to the month of May

M.O.A.B. : Magic On a Bike

May 25, 2017

So I went and did this big trip, and what do I have to show for it? An empty bank account, and an overflowing pocket full of memories. It’s hard to imagine that I have now been home for just shy of a month, and am still totally not settled. Moab was by far the highlight of my time down

Road Trip: Five Places in Ten Days

Apr 04, 2017

As quickly as the desert changed from the pale tones of grey and tan from southern Arizona, to the red rock of Sedona, it changed just as quickly upon departing. With my bestie, Meagan, heading back home to winter after four rad weeks of shredding-the-red, it was my boyfriend Alex’s turn to visit. With a short 9 days to tackle

Why You Need to Race Paris to Ancaster This Year

Mar 13, 2017

P2A:  A Look Back and a Look Forward My name is Colin.  I’m 45 years old, and I’m going to race my 5th Paris to Ancaster this spring.  I’m a rider, a dad, a husband, a friend, and a teacher.  I’m also a racer.  I love bikes. MTB, gravel, fatbike, road, whatever.  I even have my certification to ride the Mattamy

Ultra-Endurance Preparation: Winter-Ultras

Mar 01, 2017

As a relatively young rider, my cycling interests are still in the midst of their development – I know I love cycling, but which discipline is most suitable for me, personally? In my few years of cycling, I have competed in events on the complete opposite sides of the cycling spectrum. My cycling endeavours began with racing downhill at the

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