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Feeling Stronger with the Ultimate MTB Workout Program

Jan 09, 2012

The program is having an impact on the World Cup and makes me hopeful for the 2012 season It’s winter here in Canada and the end of the downhill mountain biking race season. Around this time, I look back and reflect on what has been, sometimes honestly, sometimes with rose-colored glasses. As it is every time, I’m faced with the

Racing Levels

Jan 09, 2012
Rob Fraser

For every rider, there is a race. No matter what you’re level, there will be a venue for you to compete, learn, and excel. Racing is a great way to meet new interesting people, travel the province, country or even the world, and grow as a person. 7 years ago I was introduced to racing, and it was the best

2012 ODRA Inaugural Ontario Downhill Awards

Jan 09, 2012

Last night the Ontario Downhill Riders Association hosted their first, inaugural Ontario Cup Downhill Awards. This was an all-day event which kicked off with some killer riding at Joyride 150 and continued with the awards ceremony held at the Duchess of Markham.  Jeff Faulds and the ODRA did an amazing job and the turnout for the riding and awards was

A South African’s Experience Racing The Ontario Cup DH Series

Dec 28, 2011

Summer abroad…. Travis Browning, 22 years old. Born and raised in the small town of Howick, South Africa. I’m like the millions of other people around the world. Addicted to riding my mountain bike and experiencing the freedom cycling gives you. If it wasn’t for mountain biking I wouldn’t have found myself traveling 32 hours to arrive in a foreign

An inside look at Domestique-Café Cyclo Sportif

Dec 25, 2011

In today’s world, where ‘Ma ‘n Pa’ shops are being absorbed by the big box chains like the Borg, it’s nice to see a person willing to chase a dream.   Domestique-Café Cyclo Sportif’s founder Krys Hines did just that.   Since opening its doors in the Spring of 2010, Cafe Domestique has received overwhelming support and well-deserved praise. As a photographer,

Where Are They Now – Ryan Senechal Interview

Nov 13, 2011

Ryan Senechal is one of the original pioneers of street riding.  Ryan is an accomplished trials rider but it was his vision and style that set him apart.  He played a huge part in developing a riding scene here in Ontario and no one has been able to fill his shoes since.  Ryan promoted some of the biggest events we

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