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Action Packed Race Weekend at Horseshoe Resort with Ocup DH and Centurion

June 23, 2014

The season opener for the Tuf Rack Downhill Race Series went down last weekend at the ever welcoming and ever growing Horseshoe Resort. This is the third straight year that Horseshoe has hosted the season opener and the first time that the venue played host to both the Centurion road race and the Tuf Rack Downhill. The abundance of bikes and riders made for an awesome weekend of bike racing for all participants. Racers were greeted with perfect weather and the downhill track had aged nicely since last year’s race. Relentless sunny skies made for an exciting course with some particularly tricky flat and sandy corners. The infamous Rockstar rock garden was back and claimed its fair share of rotors for those who chose to bounce through it—a make or break for your run on such a short track.

This weekend was a great start to the season and it was good to see all the racers out tearing up the track having a great time again. The vibe was as good and the racing was even better. It’s looking like it will be an exciting season.

The biggest news from the weekend was seeing Adam Robbins pull down the fastest time of the day.  Adam has been putting in the work all winter and participated in some big races south of the border to prepare for the season.


Adam Robbins gets soaked by veteran teammate Derek Abraham while proud dad snaps the pic. Photo: Hung Lam


Here are some of our photos from the great weekend of racing at Horseshoe.  Complete race results not available at the time of this report.


Riders meeting at the first Ocup DH of 2014.


The mantra at Horseshoe Resort.


Roadies and downhillers together in one big expo area. We all love bike. #ridingfeelsgood


Tuf Rack built this great pump-track for Horsehsoe. Adam Robbibs shows us how to ride it.



Joe Jenkins with a big ol’ bar hump.


Hermo rolling in like a boss.


T.R. droppin’ in.


…and crushing the first turn.


Hi Colin!


Matt Cummings aboard a Giant Glory for 2014. Seems to like it i’d say.


Jenn LeBlanc showing us how it’s done. Sun’s out guns out.


Andrew Golabek looked quick all day.


The Canada Cup series leading lady and race winner last weekend, Kristen Courtney, all smiles after a quick tire change.


One of the best guys around, Bill Graham, drops into the first woods. Bill is sporting the new RFG logo on his jersey which will be part of the new site, launching in just a few short weeks.


Josh Toohill was trying this outside line, way out in the rhubarb.


Steven Abell getting ready in the start gate. He had his trail bike stolen earlier this year and has been chomping at the bit to race.


Taylor Rowlands setting up for the first corner.


Colin heard rumours about an enduro at Horseshoe this year and he’s ready. So ready!


Hung Lam and the Cove team are wrapping team captain Brock Reinhart after a long day in the sun.


When Brad and Matt hike up, you know it’s about to get interesting. Some of the most amazing guys to watch ride their bikes.


What goes up must come down. Brad Zdriluk, all smiles till the bitter end.


Matt with the hand drag.


Ken Brake looks on as Toohill spots the landing.


Think Josh broke my camera on that last one ’cause this was the next frame.  Dead shutter on the D4. Bad day at the office.


Hermo had this corner dialed.


Here are few images from the Centurion race that was also taking place at Horseshoe Resort last weekend.


The C75 group roll out at the Centurion Horseshoe event.



The next race for the Tuf Rack Downhill Series is at Camp Fortune in Chelsea, Quebec on July 26 to 27. First though, most riders are setting their sights on the East Coast Open next weekend at Blue Mountain. Featuring an athlete party, Rad Company premier, whip off, downhill race and more in store it should make for another great weekend on the big bikes.

Brock Reinhart is a downhill racing enthusiast and graphic/web design entrepreneur. He has been involved with the cycling community from a young age and played an integral part in the proposal and implementation of bike parks in Sourthern Ontario. He spent years as a professional riding instructor and trail builder. Having recently moved to North York, Brock has begun to explore his new riding area, looking for the best riding the GTA has to offer.


  1. Nice shots. I bet that corner was a dune by the end of the weekend.

  2. Amazing shots as always Marc. You are a all around great guy as well and I will always do my best to help you out in anyway I can. Hope to see you again soon. Thanks for sweating it out for us on the hill, and bummer about your camera.

  3. Such a good weekend! Thanks to Marc for some rad photos! Hope to see everyone again soon!

  4. Was great seeing the OCup crew again! Really are the best people in the sport. Cant wait for Fortune!!

  5. Great report and fantastic shots as usual.
    It was a hot one this past weekend. Looks plenty dusty.

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