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2018 Blue Cup Race and Photo Report

June 12, 2018

Despite the lack of a provincial race series, the return of Blue Mountain Bike Park’s Blue Cup proved downhill racing in Ontario is alive and well.

With a new format, nearly 100 riders on the start list, and no points or overall championship to chase, the stage was set for a great, low-pressure day of racing bikes. O-Chute was lined up as the race course, and the mix of roots, rocks, berms, flat turns and steep sections were enough to test the skills of the top riders at speed, while still being approachable enough for the first-time racers in attendance. For the first time in a few years, Mother Nature also decided to play nice on a Blue Mountain race weekend, with nothing but sunny skies in the week leading up to the race. This resulted in a few dry and dusty turns on course, but those just kept things interesting as the vast majority of the trail was in prime condition for racing.

A new format also helped contribute to the spirit of the day. The course was open for free practice in the morning, and riders got two timed runs in the afternoon with the fastest of the two being used for the final ranking. This helped turn back the dial on the stress that can sometimes come with a “one and done” format for finals, as all riders knew they had one extra timed run to get up to speed or make up for a mistake. It also meant more riding, which is never a bad thing on a race weekend.

I can’t report on all the events of the day as I was racing myself, but the atmosphere was amazing with riders sharing stories, reviewing lines and offering advice to all of their fellow competitors. By the time everyone made it to Jozo’s for the final results and awards, there wasn’t an upset face in the bar. The cold beer courtesy of Coors Light and hot food didn’t hurt either. Thanks to Erika Langman and her Events Staff, Mike Towers and the Blue Mountain Bike Park Trail Crew, Blue Mountain Bike Patrol, Coors Light, Smith Optics, Fox, Troy Lee Designs, and all the riders who made the return of the Blue Cup one to remember!


Full Results: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TvAOAk_3pZl1VNw47A5kUbTsTWwB2VOO1QV2k513LjU/edit?usp=sharing


Colin Sewell taking flight in practice

Ruairi Duggan leaning it into the final turn

Ethan Life letting it roll.

Graham Welsh warming up to take on the 12-14 age group.

Alex Matejic takes one high and outside.

Kirk Morgan looks for the quick exit.

Brandon Bally would nab the 5th overall place in the 20-29 Amateur category.

Shannon Mathieson hauls it in at the bottom of the steeps.

Ares Adamidis shook off a fall in practice to grab 2nd overall in the 15-17 age group.

Evan Chisholm warming up with a spotter in tow.

Curtis Kennedy fully tucked to take 4th overall in the 15-17 age group.

Adam Matthews opted for the gap out of the start gate.

John Blazak charging through the woods on his first timed run.

Milton Medeiros dancing through the rocks and roots in the woods.

Jonny Congreve charging through the soft stuff.

Jenn LeBlanc held her speed through the rock garden and was the fastest female on the day.

Simon Scholte, never allowed to race Amateur again, grabbed 3rd in Open Men.

Luke Turco trying to keep it composed through the flat turns before the lower woods.

Keith Grant on his way to a 4th overall in Open Men.

Classic Taylor Rowlands style on his way to 2nd in Open Men.

Grom 12-14 Podium – 1st: Lukas Bischoff, 2nd: Andrew Chisholm, 3rd: Alex Adamidis.

Junior 15-17 Podium – 1st: Alex Dicks, 2nd: Ares Adamidis, 3rd: Ty Sewell.

20-29 Amateur Podium – 1st: Seokki Min, 2nd: George Defelice, 3rd: Joel Whetstone.

30-39 Amateur Podium – 1st: Jon Kinsie, 2nd: Nick Lamarche (not present), 3rd: Lewis Park.

40+ Amateur Podium – 1st: Brad Turner, 2nd: Paul Holder, 3rd: Jeremy Lavigne.

Women’s Podium – 1st: Jenn LeBlanc, 2nd: Shannon Mathieson, 3rd: Tanya Dutton (Am Women).

Open Men’s Podium – 1st: James Frost, 2nd: Taylor Rowlands, 3rd: Simon Scholte.


Based out of Collingwood, Ontario, and surrounded by some of the best downhill and trail riding in Ontario, Jason Petznick has dove headfirst into the world of mountain biking. Aside from biking, Jason is an avid snowboarder and wakeboarder, while also finding time to dabble in writing, photography, and design. His least favourite things include pineapple on pizza, and writing biographies about himself.

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