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2012 Toronto Bmx Jam – The Bezanson Show

March 5, 2012

The Toronto International Bike Show has been a mainstay of the Ontario BMX scene since before I can remember. Each incarnation from quarterpipe and kickturn ramps to single box jumps, to the Ricoh Coliseum monstrosity Jay Miron set up, have added to the history this show represents for the scene.

Since local bike advocate and all around good guy Mike Heaton took over the Toronto BMX Jam, the ghetto steeze of the comp has added a real boost of legitimacy to the show.

A packed house for the 2012 Toronto BMX Jam.


Thankfully this year some new metal-framed ramps were added to the decrepit ramps of old. The course looked damn fun: a good mixture of transition, a sub box and a rail with lots of transfer options between them all. And if you were dying to ride these ramps but didn’t enter, be happy, because all those ramps will be at the Wallace Emerson skatepark this summer.

With am comps running from Friday the Toronto BMX Jam was definitely the area to hang out in at the show. It’s so great to see how amped the crowd gets at the Toronto event. No doubt booze helps the cause; they should consider a beer tent spectator area. They’d make a killing.

No offence to the ladies and the ams, but let’s face it: the reason everyone showed up this weekend was for the sixth heat of the pros on Sunday afternoon. Stacked with Drew Bezanson, Brett Banasiewicz, Vince Byron and Daniel Sandoval, these guys did not disappoint. And while local guys like trail blaster Will Fisher and tech wizard Steven Moxley rode great and place well (13th and 9th respectively), Bezanson absolutely stole the show.

Drew Bezanson tucked under the ramps waiting to absolutely destroy the park.

Bezanson out of the spine to wallride back into the spine.


There aren’t too many people that could pull off Ninja-dropping from the balcony to start a run without seeming arrogant. But Bezanson is such a good dude, and obviously riding for all the right reasons that you just can’t help but get stoked when he rides. His riding is so conducive to this kind of competition, plus he’s a consummate showman, whether he would admit it or not. While his runs aren’t full of uber-technical tricks, it is the combination of big tricks with big creative lines that make him such a treat to watch. And the hometown crowd absolutely ate it up.

Drew with a huge transfer from the spine to the quarter.

Drew Bezanson with a massive superman seatgrab footplant on the wall above the quarter.


Much like two years ago when Bezanson Icepicked the wall behind the vert quarter and everyone went ape shit, Bezanson’s use of the wall above the quarter pipe and spine ramp was ridiculous. Seriously. The wall was about eight feet above an eight-foot quarter and probably ten feet above the spine ramp. The kid has so much boost it makes no sense. It’s impossible to even remember all the tricks that went down on these lines, but a couple of the big ones include the Icepick on the top of the wall above the quarter to Turndown in. Then he launched the ten feet or so from the top of the spine ramp, did a Wallride on the wall above it, before dropping back into the other side of the spine ramp. It still makes no sense. I had no idea it was even possible. The word retarded definitely comes to mind.

The calm before the storm.

Drew with icepick on the top of the wall above the quarter to turndown in.


Each of these tricks was a showstopper in its own right, but Bezanson went one trick further in the final minutes of the Krusher Best Trick Comp: barspin off the quarter to wallride to tailwhip in. Insane.

A very tired and stoked Bezanson.  Drew worked hard all week on this course.


The 2012 Toronto International Bike Show will go down in the Ontario BMX history books as a really fun event with tons of great riding. And the Youtube clips of Drew Bezanson riding in it will continue to drop jaws as riders from around the world tune in to the Bezanson show.


Here are some more shots of the 2012 Jam.

Daniel Sandoval doing a Vader burner across the box.

Daniel Sandoval – whip transfer across the channel

Pat Casey doing a downside whip transfer across the channel from the other side.

Oppo one footed table

Matt Ray doing a big tuck no hander

Mike Fede with an insaaaane wallslap to fakie about 18ft off the ground

Will Fisher with a 360 tuck no over the box

Kevin Teets with one of his crazy barspin/bus driver variations

Zeb Dennis with a textbook superman seatgrab

Zeb again with a one handed crossbar grab heel clicker

Broc Raiford with a tuck no hander pedal grab

Big thanks to Chijioke Okafo for helping out with the captions for this series of images!

Pro Results:
1 96.67 Drew Bezanson
2 95.67 Daniel Sandoval
3 92.67 Brett Banasiewicz
4 91.33 Vince Byron
5 89.67 Pat Casey
6 88.67 Benjamin Eylander
7 87.33 Nick Digerloma
8 87.00 Broc Raiford
9 83.67 Steven Moxley
10 82.67 Josh Perry
11 82.33 Brandon Dosch
12 82.00 Glen Salyes
13 81.67 Will Fisher
14 81.33 Matt Ray
15 79.67 Darcy Peters
16 78.67 Zane Bradley
17 78.33 Mike Fede
18 77.67 Zeb Dennis
19 75.00 Victor Salazar
20 68.67 Jason Dorito Perz
21 67.67 Mike Dinello
22 67.33 Vinny Mannino
23 57.00 Kevin Teets
24 49.67 Zak Jarvis

Ladies Final Results:
1 92.67 Peta Shepherd
2 89.67 Angie Marino
3 82.00 Kiera Bonifacio
4 81.33 Brooke Betancourt
5 76.33 Jessica Ausec
6 74.00 Kennedy Novosel
7 73.67 Stefanie Mracic
8 71.33 Suzy McCombe

Junior Amateur Results:
1 87.33 John Gilmour
2 85.33 Ben Kavanagh
3 82.33 Larry Hatter
4 76.00 Alexander Mracic
5 70.00 Rashad Rehman
6 69.33 Jake Samson
7 66.00 Ethan Quinn
8 64.67 Wyatt Godkin
9 57.33 Payne Ruszin
10 56.33 Matt Lion

Senior Amateur Results:
1 88.00 BrandonWebster
2 83.00 Justin Soares
3 82.00 Billy Brown
4 75.33 Sam Nadeau
5 73.33 Alexandre Cote
6 72.00 Kyle Lafleur
6 72.00 Ian Bradley
8 71.67 Jason Kearnan
9 70.67 Ryan Staron
10 69.00 Brody Huk
12 67.00 David Gautheir
12 67.00 Evan Michael Taneff
14 64.33 Chase Davidson
14 64.33 Tommy Norman
16 60.67 Bobby Campbell
17 57.67 Jamie Cooper Ellis
18 57.00 Dylan Richardson
19 56.67 Ben Silver
20 55.33 Jayde Cunningham
21 48.00 Scott Miller
22 40.67 Aaron Boyer
23 33.00 Alex Keegan Passa

Colin Field has three loves; bikes, skis and beer. And so far his career as a writer/photographer is going as planned; riding, skiing or drinking are all technically ‘work.’ With Bachelor degrees in both anthropology and journalism it is his most recent scholarly achievement that hangs on his office wall; graduating from the Siebel Institute’s Concise Course in Brewing Technology. Currently the editor of Mountain Life magazine, Colin lives in the tiny town of Clarksburg, Ontario where his friends and family make skiing, biking and drinking in the Beaver Valley a constant exploration of good times.


  1. I see some Georgetown boys in the finals! Pumped on that! Great write up/photos! Makes me even more upset I couldn’t make it… Stupid money and my lack of it.

  2. It was one of the best performances I have ever seen. Crazy flow, Made the park his own bowl with Brian Foster like style. Manual across the deck then dropping in with speed and going big. Was truly insane!

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  4. Seeing the show in person was mind blowing. Glad the photos came out really good!

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