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​​No Limits – The Return of Autobahn

September 25, 2018
For nearly ten years, one of Blue Mountain’s most legendary trails has laid dormant.
The reasons why are extensive, and anyone who was a regular around the Bike Park during those years will have their own version of what exactly happened. But those stories are best left for another time. We’re here to talk about how, for one, shining September weekend, Blue Mountain’s Trail Crew and Events Team breathed life back into a classic trail in the name of good times.
With the clock ticking down to Blue’s Annual Rider Appreciation Weekend featuring the Fall Edition of the Blue Cup, the mountain’s Trail Crew and the Events Team met to come up with a plan. Lots of ideas were tossed around. Autobahn was mentioned in passing, but the logistics behind getting it back up and running seemed like a lot to overcome. The meeting ended with a plan in place to race a different trail, but shortly afterwards a text came through.
“Autobahn might still be on the table.”
With less than a week until the event, Trail Crew got busy with shovels, rakes and string trimmers to bring Autobahn back to life. Time had taken its toll. Berms had slumped, weeds had grown in and lines had all but disappeared. The task was massive, but the thought of riding an old classic again was all they needed to make it happen. Without much time to spare, the work was done.
The weekend brought with it some of the fastest and loosest racing Blue Mountain has ever seen.  With the exception of a few soft spots Autobahn was running as fast as anyone could remember, and the ski hill traverse and drop into Showcase was a true test of commitment.
A huge thanks to everyone who attended, and a special thanks to the Blue Mountain’s Trail Crew and Events Team for going above and beyond to make this year’s Rider Appreciation Weekend one for the books. Don’t forget there’s only one full week of riding left before Closing Day on Monday, October 8th!

Ty Sewell would top the podium in the Youth 15-17 Division

It was straight out of the gate and into a minefield of loose shale

Mary Tobiasz keeping it planted on the first long straight

Cheyenne Danyluk with her head down on her way to 2nd in Amateur Women

Couldn’t have asked for better racing weather

Luke Turco opted for the high line into the first loose corner

From my point of view, it looked like Erik Downing was about to get well acquainted with this tree

Andrew Watson narrowly missed the box in the Men’s 30-39 Division

The trail wasn’t the only relic of another time unearthed over the weekend

Max Wharin, always stylish

A long summer of racing gave a James Frost the edge he needed to top the Open Men’s podium

Norco Factory XC Rider Peter Disera traded his spandex for some baggies this weekend

Andrew Chisholm nabbed 3rd place in the Youth 14U Division

Ben Calaitgis dropping out of the woods past the Ridge Runner hut

Dasha Alimenkova put in the fastest time of the day for the Amateur Women

All the squish was required for the drop off the ski hill into Showcase

Pryer Hollin eyeing up his line into the drop

Ethan Ghan bursting back out of the shadows into one of many dry, dusty berms

Andrew Wojteczko took 4th in Men’s 30-39, and 1st for the hardest last name to spell or pronounce

Jason Moser won the tiebreaker to steal 3rd in Men’s 30-39

Paul Holder gripping tight through the dust on his way to 2nd in Men’s 40+

Shannon Mathieson posted the fastest time in Open Women’s

Heather McGee took the second step on the box in Open Women’s

Tyler Maxwell rounded out the Open Men’s top 3

Taylor Rowlands couldn’t quite find the pace to track down Frosty

Norco Factory XC Rider Quinton Disera making the most of a cross-training opportunity

Youth 14U (5th – Brendan Devitt, 3rd – Andrew Chisholm, 1st – Tyler Hutson (not present), 2nd – Alexi Adamidis, 4th – Dominic Szymanski (not present))

Youth 15-17 (2nd – Ben Calaitgis, 1st – Ty Sewell)

Amateur Women (3rd – Mary Tobiasz, 1st – Dasha Alimenkova, 2nd – Cheyenne Danyluk)

Men 30-39 (5th – Lewis Park, 3rd – Jason Moser, 1st – Scott Philips, 2nd – Erik Downing, 4th – Andrew Wojteczko)

Men 40+ (5th – Steven Moon, 3rd – Jeremy Lavigne, 1st – Brad Turner, 2nd – Paul Holder, 4th – Colin Sewell)

Open Women (1st – Shannon Mathieson, 2nd – Heather McGee)

Open Men (5th – Josh Toohill, 3rd – Tyler Maxwell, 1st – James Frost, 2nd – Taylor Rowlands, 4th – Alex Rose)

Based out of Collingwood, Ontario, and surrounded by some of the best downhill and trail riding in Ontario, Jason Petznick has dove headfirst into the world of mountain biking. Aside from biking, Jason is an avid snowboarder and wakeboarder, while also finding time to dabble in writing, photography, and design. His least favourite things include pineapple on pizza, and writing biographies about himself.


  1. What a race that must have been! Really wish I could have been there to enjoy Autobahn again!

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