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Vallee Bras du Nord


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    Anyone been?

    Went last summer by myself on the way back from Nova Scotia and had a blast. Awesome variety of trails. Stayed at the motel, which has its own microbrew/restaurant AND trails literally outside your door. Other great thing is that there are multiple options for overnight stays and their are activities other than biking.

    Anyone interested in going? I plan on heading back for at least one of the long weekends this summer.


    Santa Cruz


    Tom Shaw

    Looks awesome and MTBing trips are the best.
    Any cost to ride the network or are they all free to use?

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    Durham Rider

    Six of us are renting a house for a week in August not far from there. I have never been but from what other people have reported it will be great. Really looking forward to the trip.

    Tom, there is a daily user fee of about $15.

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    You’re guaranteed to have a great time. If you somehow don’t like it, then something is wrong with you haha.

    Perhaps I’ll see you out there!



    I went last summer and La Neilson was by far the highlight of my riding season. I rode it top to bottom like a mad man. So fun.

    There’s also a great vibe out there. Such a beautiful spot. I stayed at the on-site camping. Non-bikers would have a good time here too.


    Tom Shaw

    WOW !!!
    A mandatory user pay $15 per ride can fund some fantastic trails.

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    From what I read, that $15 goes to a lot more than just the trails. Its quite a magical place and there is a lot more to do than just biking. They also have employees working at the locations, so its well beyond just another place to go biking.

    Looks like the new Neilson East trail is opening on the 24th. Going to be a wild climb and descent… https://www.trailforks.com/trails/neilson-est/


    Tom Shaw

    It costs $15 to ride their trails, which I think is fantastic because it puts user pay money back into a growing system.
    “From what I read, that $15 goes to a lot more than just the trails”
    Like what Canadmos?
    I am very interested in these trails and how they fund things, especially ” a lot more”.

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    We spent 4 days in this area last year, and was by far the highlight of my season. A ton of great trails – Neilson was amazing, and Boreal was pretty spectacular also. We’re headed there for Labor day weekend again this year.


    Tom Shaw

    It is fantastic to see a place that has the vision to develop their area into a destination. Funding this vision is always the important part.


    Since the founding of Vallée Bras-du-Nord in the summer of 2002, much effort was devoted to start-up and implementation of the cooperative. More specifically, this first phase of development is defined by the creation of many trails, equipment, facilities and events (raids, competitions, etc.) Total investments of this first phase are estimated at more than $5 million. The objectives were achieved: Vallée Bras-du-Nord is now in a dominant position in the recreotourism market in Quebec.

    In addition, number of visitors has increased from 3,000 person/day in the summer of 2002 to 45 000 person/day in summer 2013.


    The diagnosis made in 2011 during the development of the second phase of development allowed us to find that Vallée Bras-du-Nord has extraordinary potential and all the assets to become one of the most important tourist destinations of bike mountain hiking in eastern North America!

    The 2012-2017 development plan therefore supports the second phase of expansion and consolidation of our destination. Here’s an outline of this plan:

    1. Increase attendance steadily from 35, 000 days/visits 75,000 days/visits in 2017
    2. Raising the self-financing level
    3. Pursue growth in preserving the values of the organization
    4 Develop recreational tourism offers steadily in the following aims:
    To position Vallée Bras-du-Nord as the number one destination for mountain biking in eastern North America by developing trail systems such as “single track” and “dual track.”
    Remain one of the top hiking destinations in Quebec in regard of the quantity and quality of trails and pathways.
    Consolidate our four-season multi-activities vocation by incorporating new activities.
    Strengthen family vocation.
    Increase the accommodation capacity and diversify our service offer.
    Develop and diversify services in line with business growth, increased ridership and customer needs.

    1. coop-plan.jpg

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