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The 10 + 1 bad habits you have to quit before the 40s to save your life

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    Everyone knows that 40 is a number that does not determine the psychology and the way someone really feels. However, the 40 years are an important moment in your life and you need to get rid of some habits to improve the level of your life. You need to have a life quality to avoid all the bad causes that your previous lifestyle included. The 10+1 most common bad habits that you should not continue to do after 40 are the following:

    1 You are not exercising enough
    There are too many reasons why you have to take a break from sedentary life. Among other things, exercise reduces anxiety, depression and hypertension, improves alertness and memory, strengthens the immune system, reduces blood pressure, develops blood circulation as well as symptoms of congestive heart failure, helps to regulate weight by increasing the metabolism, improves cholesterol levels, prevents loss of bone mass, contributes to the quality of sleeping, improves your physical strength, stimulates self-esteem, reduces the risk of stroke and has beneficial effects in patients with type 2 diabetes. Any type of exercising, such as running or cycling will give you the strength you need. A good Copenhagen Bike Company bicycle is the perfect option to get back in shape.

    2 You are not doing weight lifting
    The good physical condition of your musculoskeletal system gives you all the health you need. Muscle strength and bone density are very important because problems may occur after the age of 40. In addition, increasing the muscle mass that is achieved through weight training is the best way to reduce body fat. Also, one of the important benefits of weight training is the correct attitude of the body as well as its balance. This reduces the chances of injury from a sudden movement because you have a good neuromuscular junction.

    3 You do not sleep enough
    Lack of sleep raises pressure, raises body temperature, causes cardiac arrhythmias, throws up immune defenses, and the body as a whole ends up underactive. It also makes it difficult to manage even the simplest stressful situations such as traffic jam on the road to work. Deep sleep helps maintain good memory, ability to make decisions, maintain a normal weight while helping with longevity. A 6 to 8 hours sleep per day is a huge importance’s priority you have to adapt to your life.

    5 Do not use dental floss
    You may think that it’s using dental floss is a meaningless habit but if you use it daily you can save your life. A new research has discovered that regular use of dental floss reduces heart rate. Bacteria that accumulate in the mouth pass through the gums into the bloodstream and can finally reach to your heart. However, you need to use the appropriate dental floss. A study showed that 60% of people using any yarn fell into his hands resulted in injuries and gingivitis. You should be guided by your dentist in order to buy the right dental floss for your teeth.

    6 You avoid breakfast
    Eating breakfasts help in the good health of your heart. A new study has shown that skipping breakfast triplets the chance of blood clots, which are well documented as occurring more often in the morning. Also when you get breakfast you can better manage the feeling of hunger during the day while supplying your body with nutrients that are more bio available that is absorbed and used more efficiently by the body because the gastrointestinal tract is empty in the morning.

    7 You eat too much salt
    Beyond fluid retention and raising blood pressure, salt increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, strokes while excessive salt consumption can cause problems such as alopecia and grayness of the hair as well as increased bile discharge. When bile secretion increases, it makes the blood thicker.

    8 You do not drink too much water
    Even mild dehydration reduces your energy, causes headaches, muscle cramps and nausea and irritation. Your day should start with a glass of water and you have to consume 1 liter of water at least and the amount is getting higher during the summertime.

    9 You drink plenty of soft drinks
    There are no reasons why you have to cut the consumption of beverages, as the findings of the effects of these beverages are the growing: cancer, caries, diabetes, obesity. Now you can also add accelerating cell aging to the list, according to a recent survey. Sweeteners containing not only damage the liver but also disrupt blood glucose levels. Keep in mind that soft drinks contain 10 spoons of sugar.

    10 You eat a lot of junk food
    Foods modified with artificial materials and chemical additives such as colorants, preservatives, antioxidants, flavor enhancers belong to the category of processed foods that are implicated in increasing body weight and causing diseases that reduce quality and lifespan.Everyone loves eating burgers and French fries but there is not one single reason of consuming this type of food.

    11 You drink large amounts of alcohol
    Excessive alcohol consumption in the future will bring diseases such as alcoholic gastritis, peptic ulcer, cirrhosis of the liver, increased cardiovascular disease, and cancer. At the same time, it reduces the ability of the crisis, self-control, causes memory disturbances while causing disturbances in sleep and is considered a major cause of insomnia. It is acceptable to drink 1 glass of wine, day after day, but any further increase will cost you the quality you need in your life.

    The most important of all the above is the feeling you have considering your own age.40 is just a number. The thing that really matters is to enjoy your life at any level, regardless the years that passed and looking forward to the years that are about to come.

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    death from above

    Hmmmm. Too busy with other pursuits and did next to no riding this season. Don’t sleep worth a crap. Everything else is covered. I guess I’m good. Then again, 40 is a distant memory.

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