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Spring 2017 Sunnybrook Area Maintenance


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    Hello all, I’m looking for some help do some repairs and errosion fixes throughout Asylum Climb, Gspot, Hubbles Return, Smith’s Edge, Foreplay, Pussy Climb, Junkyard, Floating on a Vine, Bag of Dicks, horse stables…
    I have tools for 2 others when we are out. If anyone is interested drop a comment below. And also have the extra with me when I’m out.

    We will be having a trail closed sign for The second half of Smith’s Edge, Beginning of Hubbles Return, and Beginning of Pussy Climb when we are out working. riders please do not ride The trail if you see the sign. We build and maintain them for you without any Reward, it’s a small task for the day.

    Santa Cruz



    Dude, thanks a lot for your work!
    Let me just drop a words of wisdom “again”: If you care about your ‘awesome!’ work and you want to enjoy it for a couple of extra seasons. You don’t want to post anything saying ” maintenance” and location in the public forum. And names! You will drag some unwanted attention of authorities, that are not at the same page that you are.
    Play it safe. That is what I have learned from over 20 years in the valley. 1love!

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    Where’s this “Bag of Dicks” trail? Sounds fun.

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    Thanks for the tip, I know its something you shouldn’t do but there will be an uproar in the community over the giant fence they put in down by cricket tree and the lower don. I want to create a plan that calls for no more than 20,000$ of yearly trail upkeep, from tools, to replacing skinnies to manned pay. Errosion is happening everywhere and we need to stop it and get parks and rec to take a new direction on controlling and maintaining these trails. As they threaten life and buildings on the edge of these ravines and hills
    Bag of Dicks will be from top of horses tables to Lawrence Rd and Everlast from Lawrence to York Mills

    Since the first trails we’ve ridden where originally built illegally and mainly a they I still are. They need to be regulated planned and taught, and given the appropriate signage to Ensure Everyone Knows to respect the trail especially after rainfalls. We must create a new plan of action that doesn’t call for a territory war every time something happens. But as a effort to continue mountain biking in Toronto



    I just want to be there when you read those trail names out in front of city council. And then ask for money for signage.

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    Tom Shaw

    I know, broken record from me, so skip it if you want.

    Mr. Smith if you want money for trails then I would suggest you ask the people who would benefit from the work to donate to the cause.
    Do the math any way you want …. 2000 users X $10 per year = $20 000 annually for trail work.
    Form a non profit and put it in the bank. Let it grow while you ask permission from the land owner to spend it on public property.
    As it grows get publicity that the people who enjoy the Don have a plan but the Government does not.

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    That is a Great idea, however the city will still need to be involved if they continue to build fences. They could eventually close the don to mountain biking as it is an illegal sport in Toronto, As most of the Trails in Toronto have been Built illegally as of about 30 years ago. With the lower don being a huge part of mountain biking history this needs to be brought into the Light. We can’t Loose it. Even with general funding from the community. or systematic funding we still need to officialize Trails, Building, and maintenance. If The city Continues to build fences to due to behaviour we could loose the don all together in 10-30 years


    Renegade Hardware

    This topic has been beaten to death on this forum for the last 15+ years. The trails won’t ever close in reality, as even if they were “officially closed” it would just mean a blank canvas for those of us that dug the trails in the first place. You can’t stop us, ever. That’s just how it goes, and the reason the city made the move to make the trails sanctioned and official. The fences are up because that crosses CN land, which is illegal. It’s not the cities doing, nor is it their property to deal with.

    For sanctioning trails, ask if this is really what you want based on: a: the amount (or lack thereof) of maintenance on the current city builds. b: the trails themselves, which generally aren’t great and certainly not as good for us intermediate to advanced riders compared to the rest of the ‘renegade’ builds in the don. There are already advocacy groups that operate in the Don, can search here for TORBA for a long read in cycling politics……

    The fences will disappear or there will be go arounds, because again, like a strong rivers currents signs and rules will never stop people from riding these trails. Ever. Case in point: the fact that we have trails.

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    Some great work happened on trails like the one after Foreplay, you’re doing great. If there are really significant trail issues try 311. Otherwise I agree with Renegade Hardware.

    In other municipalities & jurisdictions things may be different, but in Toronto (unless something drastically changes at city hall) the MTB community is best to just put there head down, play really nice with other trail users and just go about their business. On the city sanctioned stuff, leave it to the city to maintain – within reason – as they’ve taken ownership. Everywhere else, work smart with people who have the same goals. I’m no big builder or anything, but I’ve been at least somewhat involved in the don’s workings for a while now and looking for attention from the city is not generally going to be a positive force for the trails we actually love to ride.

    It’s like being 15 and wanting to party. You could throw a kegger at your house when your parents are away and potentially get in serious sh&t when things go south, or you could just sleep over at your older buddy’s apartment and then come home bright & early the next day no worse for the wear. Unless you have really cool parents I’d just keep certain things discrete and try not to get in any trouble. Just makes everyone’s life a lot easier.


    Neville Park

    General observations:

    – All the trails named above have set builders whom have built them, frequent them, maintain, update and so on.
    – City of Toronto has already engaged the don trail network with their Ridge project.
    – Flats fence is denoting private CN owned land.
    – Organization efforts for a MTB “community voice” just does not seem to jive as most peoples reason to ride differ too much to agree and make headway.
    – Obscurity appears to be the most sustainable practice
    – Don MTB will not be stopped

    This whole topic is like storing your bike in your car… if your bike is covered by a blanket a potential thief doesn’t know if its clapped out CCM or uber-bike carbon FS monster, sh!t they may not even know its there!



    As someone actively engaged with the city both personally and professionally looking to improve our collective “situation” I can’t help but ask a handful of questions.

    – How do you see this maintenance “plan” involving the city in a capacity that helps formalize trail access, maintenance, or building? How are they being positively engaged?

    – Do the “OG” crowd really think standing on their soapbox year after year condemning working with the city is at all helpful? Are you looking to teach your kids to mountain bike on the type of stuff you’re so eager to build/have built?

    – What specifically do you actually want to see constructed, maintained, or redesigned within the small portion of sanctioned trail? What would make that a place you’d enjoy riding?

    As for lending a hand out in Sunnybrook, I’ll pass, but I’ll be doing everything I can to improve the relationship we as a community have with the city we have as land managers.

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    Neville Park

    Hey @blurredlines – Thanks for your positively with the City and rider community continuously, its a tough spot to sift through both sides and come across reasonable to all parties.

    i’m not OG Don person.. But i see two sides of riding in the Don – single track and fad-fun obstacles.

    For the latter – the City has too much red tape and can’t work fast enough to keep up with any of these sports (currently in talks with city over a waterfront project that will kill the most accessible and frequented surf spots in toronto @ Bluffers park)

    As bikes evolve every year – so does the type of riding people are interested in, that ebb and flow. By the time the City finds money, approves it, tenders it, etc for features that riders want today … riders will have already built, rode, got tired-of and revamped those same features/trail segments. Very fluid in its execution.

    Where the city can help is with projects like the Ridge / Crothers /Pottery – fast, flowy, sustainable single track on well established and accessed trails, which allows all trail users to enjoy from CX to endurbro, dog walkers to trail runners.

    So, i say the fad fun trails are best kept away from prying eyes. Obscurity = sustainability.
    Well established, already compromised trails are wide open to City involvement.

    DIY spots in any sport will always happen, just can’t keep the lid on that.

    again, all in my humble opinion in an effort of discussion 🙂

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    Thanks for the tips. A Point to definitely consider. I just feel that replanting and planting isnt enough with non profit. But a community fund would be efficient as well



    Wholeheartedly straying from the thread topic (sorry), maybe @fasttimes can pull this content together a little better with that mighty moderator stick.

    @neville-park I absolutely hear what you’re saying about evolution of sport and desires eclipsing the pace at which the city works, that’s absolutely valid. The idea that gets me here though (and by no means do I intend to throw you under the bus here) is that even someone able to provide an intelligent response to the relatively simple question still fails to actually answer it or provide meaningful feedback. Rather than standing on the soapbox decreeing that “it can’t be done” you’re providing a polite deferral to actually identifying a “want”.

    Since you’ve been a sport about demonstrating that it’d be (more) obnoxious to ignore your thoughts on the fast, flow, sustainable and accessible single track. I think it’s great, but fast to some is not so fast to others and way too fast to yet another set of users, flowy is certainly easier to nail down and something I think about more than anything else when I’m riding, hiking, or otherwise enjoying the trails.

    To fully eat my own words here, what do I “want”? I want more features that evolve with a growing skill set. I often look to BMX for inspiration as those folks seem to have it sorted out in the building up to something department

    – Rollers are always at the top of my list. Something that a 4 year old on a run bike can cruise over and have a blast with while the intermediate/advanced rider gets the opportunity to work on their manual, double up, or get that front tire tap nailed down as they roll through. It’s not intimidating and it’s not mandatory that you ride above your skill level, but you certainly have the opportunity to should you choose.

    Hopefully that gives a bit more perspective on the ask of what would make it more enjoyable.



    If was the moderator I’d probably just ban all discussion of trail building in the don, straight up. haha

    @blurredlines I’m very happy to have someone like you represent trail riders in the Don. I’m also very happy that other people take a different approach. Keeps us all riding well.

    While we’re fully off topic and I’m bored at work: I want trails with lots of progression and bail outs & go-arounds that don’t make the ride suck, while having bridges and drainage crossings that are safe.

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