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    I realize this is a bit off topic, but I am using every angle to get my kids on the trail. Has anyone seen salmon spawning in the Don this year? I would love to end the ride watching a few fish run up the river.

    Santa Cruz



    I’ve seen them in two locations generally. The “Fish ladder” on the souther end of Crothers Woods (it’s marked on google maps) and up at the end of Motown. I’d assume that the banks south and north of the milwood bridge would be a good spot to see them as it’s fairly narrow and relatively shallow though I’ve not spent much time there outside of winter.



    I haven’t seen any yet this year but this weekend is supposed to be the start of the run. As above, the fish ladder adjacent the paved path just north of Pottery is awesome but busy with other humans. The West fork waterfall at the top of the Flats is a BIG jump for the fish so super impressive, but most go East. Last year one got stuck on the gravel bar by the Rocket and I walked out and picked it up – too tired to fight!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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