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rockshox reverb stealth rebuild

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    I have 2 reverb stealth posts that im going to rebuild myself. Being stubborn and instead of having a bike shop doing the work and costing around $200 each. Im not even going to bother getting a full service kit cause most of the parts are just o rings. I found some polymer bushings for the top at bottom for around $38. I can make 5 each top bottom. The posts are older so i going to upgrade the IFP the the newer blue verion. New brass keys won’t hurt. Going to change out the u cup seal with just a 90 durometer o ring i heard its better.

    One of the posts had a u cup seal leak where oil just leaked out and a worn out bottom bushing.
    The other post the top bushing was worn out to the point the inner was rubbing on the post. The project has begun.

    Santa Cruz



    Good on ya man. That’s one job I have heard so many horror stories about. I am happy to pay to have someone else do it. I do my own bleed but that’s about it. The rebuild does seem straight forward but it also looks like a 2hr job. I really should do this as myself as well. Keep us posted on your progress and what you encounter.

    I’m sure others are interested as well.



    You definitely need the right tools before you attempt the rebuild that’s for sure. I think most the horror stories are from people crushing parts of the post sticking them in a vice without soft jaw inserts. I might just get a new bench vice myself its a little small and has broken jaws. I’ll make my own jaw inserts to clamp round parts for the project. Or get a friend to make them for me.

    My bushing have finally shipped from the UK. I picked up 10 RockShox Bulk Internal Floating Pistons for pretty cheap.
    The tool to push down the IFP 30mm for stealth’s could easily be made from a pvc tube. The only parts i can think of getting from a bike shop right now are the brass keys and some Sram butter. Still looking for some foam felt rings for lubing the top close to the bushings. Ill keep ya posted on the progress.



    I’ve had a reverb post sitting in my drawer for two years now for the exact reasons you stated above. Would also be interested to know how you make out.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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