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Recommended "Family & Mountain biking" weekend stays nearish the GTA?

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    We have a family visiting us from the southern States in the last week/end of May and the dad actually got me back into MTB a few years ago. I’ve only been in TO for less than two summers and due to some injuries and a timely stolen bike last August, have not had much opportunity to ride or travel outside the city.

    Wondering if any of you folks would have some suggestions for areas within a few hours driving distance of the GTA that are wife-and-toddler friendly, but could allow the dads to slip off for a half-day here and there to explore some good trails.

    I’ve heard good things about an area called 3 Stage and it seems to be fairly close to Collingwood – I’m not sure what else there is to do up there, but I was thinking we could rent a cottage by the lake somewhere. It’s a bit farther up to Owen Sound – it’s been years since I’ve been there and I don’t remember much, although I’ve heard there are trails. I’ve also seen people on here talking about Turkey Point, although I’m not sure what there is to do besides the winery attractions in the area (less of an interest for those with toddlers of course). I’ve also considered the Guelph and Milton/Halton Hills areas but….well do you think those are good vacation areas? 😜

    Some of you folks seem extremely knowledgeable about the trail options nearby – any other suggestions or options to explore? Many thanks in advance for the advice!!

    Edit: he will also need to rent a bike – either here in TO or wherever we end up. So that’s a consideration as well!

    Santa Cruz


    Tom Shaw

    Nice places you have listed already.
    I will add the Barrie area as an option.
    http://www.copelandfriends.ca/ – Large climbs & descents, but hard to navigate & fun to get lost.
    http://www.SCMBC.ca – Large buff network, maps and trail signage means not getting lost for long.

    Horseshoe Resort has a lot of activities to choose from

    Lots of lakes and cottage rentals in the area.



    Hey @shortcuttomoncton

    I would say that Collingwood is your best destination as a family. Staying in the village is like and Intrawest resort experience. It’s a lot like Tremblant. There is great riding at 3 Stage and Kolapore. You can also day trip to other spots easily within and hour. Rising there is more technical than other trail networks but its hands down the best option for a family vaca. Turkey Point would also be a good choice, trails are easier, and you can rent a cottage. There is a e beach and a water-sports area.



    We’re thinking of renting a cottage right by the Pretty River conservation area if we can. Should be nice and cottage-y but also super close to biking (I think 3 Stages is in there?) and a short drive to resort activities and the beach if we want.


    secret agent

    I would recommend checking out Gravenhurst/Bracebridge area. You have Buckwallow and The Torrance Barrens for regular riding and Porcupine Ridge if you want some pretty technical terrain. Cottages book up fast in the area and hotels/motels are not cheap right in town. It is very scenic with a number of nice hiking destinations close by like Hardy Lake Provincial Park and Bracebridge Resource Management Centre Trails. There a couple of craft brewers in the area as well.
    If you can find something close to Orillia, it puts you within half an hour of Gravenhurst and all the trail systems around Barrie. SCMBC (this is a private club), Hardwood Hills, Copeland and others.


    Ian Hughes

    Thanks Cesar for the plug. Just to clarify, SCMBC is a private club that looks after 100km of single track on public property. While we can only survive and do the great things we do with assistance of the mtb community, all but a very small section of trail on private property is free for all to use.

    Our area is a great family destination for lots of riding and accommodation nearby with Horseshoe Resort, Carriage Hills Resort, Forks of the Trail B&B.



    Thanks for the updates folks. I was not aware of the Gravenhurst MTB scene – this was exactly what this was for! Due to spots around Blue filling up for the Victoria Day week we ended up booking a nice property that backs onto Pretty River Valley park and is a short ride away from a couple of the 3 Stage entrances – as long as the weather holds up I think it will be epic.

    I’ll try to get up north at least one or two more times later in the summer and maybe will hit Gravenhurst and Barrie area!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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