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Ontario version of the North Shore Triple Crown

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    Hey guys,

    Really loving this video and story about Shandro doing the big Triple Crown ride on the shore. Three summits in one day. Ride comes out at 2600m of climbing over 60km. The fact that they did it in pretty adverse conditions makes it that much more epic. It’s on my bucket list for sure.

    My buddy Tyler gave me the heads up on this and has expressed interest in us doing an equivalent ride and story here. Yoann Barelli is also doing big 4000m days along the Sea-to-Sky corridor. Unlike out west, where elevation is easily acquired, it’s a bit of a challenge here. Just one of those climbs is three times longer than anything we’ve got access to.

    I’ve been unwittingly preparing for something like this, doing big rides and regular climbs up Blue this summer. I’m going up weekly and grinding five laps up and down the park. May sound dumb to some, when there is a perfectly good lift running, but I get my laps in just as fast as going up the lift and riding across the top. It feels pretty good to earn those turns and make proper use of these all mountain machines we ride. Cresting gassed and smashing the laps certainly tests machine and man.

    Way, way back when I worked for GT I was taken on this ridiculous soul-crushing ride in Collingwood, This is going back 20 yrs now. I honestly couldn’t believe it was even possible to do a ride like that here. It’s not like any of the Over-the-Top or Duntroon shuttle variations, it was much bigger. I have never been able to recreate the ride but over the years have pieced some of it together. Some of the key connections have become illegal and I try to respect that. I’m not over poaching it for one epic day however.

    Last week I put together a similar loop. While completing the ride and mapping it out, I now see how I can make it ever bigger and better. As close to that original ride as possible today.

    My neighbour Hal joined me for the adventure. In short; we climbed Blue and rode over to 3 Stage. Hit the goods at 3 Stage and bombed the 540 to the bottom of Pretty River. From there we climbed back up and across to the base of Olser. We then climbed up Osler and rode back across to the top of Blue where we raced down to the bottom to complete our ride. The ride worked out to 54km with 1200m of climbing. The numbers don’t fully do justice to this ride. It was a tough one. It’s the closest thing I’ve come to replicating a day of riding the Singletrack 6 back east.

    All that to say, I think it’s more than possible to do our own version of the Triple Crown. To reach 2600m would require more kilometres (likely 80-100km) but I don’t think that takes away from it. It’s easily done climbing Blue 12x but I prefer this bigger loop option. Doing it twice with variations seems like the best option but there are many and I spend lots of time dreaming up these sorts of rides. Lots of secret goods up that way that can be added in.

    If anyone wants to join this mission or any of my other adventures, please let me know. Don’t have to live on the shore to have an epic day on the bike.

    Santa Cruz

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