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Off season training


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    Anyone using a power meter on their bikes? I use a HR monitor but being that most of the training these days is power based, I’d like to be able to adapt some of the Trainer Road and workouts from my personal program outside. I know it will never be as optimal or precise as an interval without variants such as wind and terrain, but outside is so much nicer. maybe not on a soaking wet day like today thought!

    On endurance and tempo days with the odd interval, a power meter would be a nice metric to follow and get pretty close to the quality of an indoor training ride. Yes, you could do this with HR monitor but I like the idea of sticking to one metric and using HR as a secondary measure to compare against perceived intensity levels. It also gives the person who designed my program another metric to evaluate.

    I have several Race Face cranks so looking at the Cinch Power Meter. Stages and Quarq still seem to be the top players but being that I already have the cranks, and that this would be pretty easily swappable between bikes, RF seems like the best option.

    Anyone using one of these?



    @fasttimes Agreed that power metrics are probably the most important when it comes to training. Comparing indoor and outdoor activities by HR just isn’t doing it. I feel my HR is 10/15 bpm higher outdoors at the same exertion level. The race face cinch PM looks great specially if you are already bought into their ecosystem and I think it’s a brilliant idea to have power readings come from the spindle. Let us know how if you end up pulling the trigger.

    I am looking to buy a single sided crank based PM for my road bike (Stages/4iii) It would be nice to have one on the mountain bike but damn these things are expensive.

    This year I decided to get some professional help with my winter training. Based on many success stories, I decided to get a 3 month customized plan from Peter Glassford. Pretty pumped to have some structure to my training specially by such an accomplished rider.



    Anyone jump on or off the training bus over the holidays?

    I had to reschedule a few days as we had family in town but other than that, I am still on track. Conditions have been so good that I’ve opted to ride outdoors more than I should but I also don’t want to lose sight of why I do this. There is no doubt a slight loss in quality but I am able to ride much further outdoors. 3-4hrs outdoors vs 2hrs max on the trainer. I may have lost a bit of top end, next test will tell I guess. I haven’t picked up a power meter yet but still considering it.

    Overall, I feel really good. I notice a slight increase in aerobic capacity/power but most of all, I feel more solid on the bike than I ever have. All the strength cycles are paying off. Even had my first big crash of the year and a spectacular dismount saved me. All part of why I train – to ride longer, harder and faster. I think that some off-season work can go a long way to preventing injuries and riding for more years. It’s as much about this season as it is about the next 50 seasons.



    Can’t really say it’s got to do with the holidays, but got a “road” bike and back to the trainer for some structure over the winter. I’ve got my time split with about 75% of my time on the bike still occurring outdoors. I’m hoping to do some bigger longer rides out in the snow, but life tends to get in the way so getting the 2-3 hour rides in has been the sweet spot and I have to agree with @fasttimes that 2 hours is easily my max on the trainer.

    I still feel super sluggish and as thought the never ending fall really took a lot of it out of me, but I’m certain that the winter efforts combined with getting out to ride regularly is going to pay dividends.

    Next up is finding a good strength/flexibility regime to expand on my current, and maintain mobility into the future.



    Congrats on the new bike! Full on road machine or can it take some bigger adventure-sized rubber? Be cool to take you on some of my loops. Most are still pretty mint right now. Distance can be whatever ya like. My riding buddy and I are looking at an overnighter in the next few weeks.

    I’ve always had a pretty good idea of what to do for strength/flexibility. I did hire someone this season, just to get something well structured that works in tandem with the bike program. It’s very close to what I had been doing but certainly has some more advanced movements that have been very helpful. So I guess for me it was more about the whole program than anything. I’ll be incorporating some yoga soon as well. Diet is killer, feel like a million bucks.

    Keep up the great work @blurredlines. Look forward to getting out for a ride soon. Cheers!

    Lets see some pics and details of that new rig! Maybe in the urban loops thread?

Viewing 6 posts - 61 through 66 (of 66 total)

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