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MRP Ramp Control rainy day project


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Fox 34

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    Another rainy day, perfect for tinkering on the bikes.

    Decided to try the new MRP Ramp Control for the Fox 36. http://www.mrpbike.com/rampcart/

    Swapping tokens isn’t really a big job and once you get your suspension dialled it’s pretty much set and forget. That being said, I may tinker with it more if it’s easy to adjust and test trail-side, like it is with the Ramp Control.

    What got me to pull the trigger on one was the new separate positive and negative air chamber adjustment it provides. The current Fox 36 uses a transfer port which equalizes the +/- air pressure. What some have found is that the initial stroke and small bump compliance can be harsh and difficult to dial in. This cartridge decouples the two chambers and allows you to find the best balance yourself. So by increasing the negative air chamber you are reducing initial stiction. Making so that it takes less force to initiate the stroke from static. I’ve found the new Fit4 equipped Fox to be pretty damn perfect but I like the added fine tuning this offers.

    For those of you who follow me on Instargam, you saw the story I published about the install today but for others, here are a few screen shots of the process. This is by no means meant to be instructional, was just some fun I had while dropping it in. I’ll post a review once I get some time on it. happy to answer any questions though. Feels pretty good in the parking lot.

    MRP Ramp Control Cartridge

    Original top cap

    Top Cap removal

    Air Pressure release

    Whats needed for the job

    Removing old transfer port assembly

    New cap installed

    Old shaft end

    New negative valve

    Gold Jerry!

    New Ramp Control Cartridge

    Positive air pressure

    Negative air pressure

    On The Fly Ramp Control

    Installed on both Bronson and Hightower

    Santa Cruz

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    Got my first ride in on it yesterday and can report that it works as advertised. I was a bit worried about the change in spring curve resulting in less mid-stroke support but that is not the case. It has stiction-less initial stroke, improved small bump compliance, good mid-stroke support and easy to control end of stroke volume. Im sure the new 2018 EVOL 36 will be similar, maybe better, but this is a worthy upgrade for anyone with a ’15-’17 model year 36.

    Only a full day of laps in the park will really show any meeknesses but after a full day of trail riding it was notably better than stock.


    Renegade Hardware

    This looks perfect for me. I got a 2016 Factory 36, so I’ll be looking into this for the season.



    If we get out for a ride, you can try it out @renegade-hardware . I’ll have more time on bigger stuff later this week.


    Renegade Hardware


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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