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Camp Fortune/Mont. Ste. Marie/Bromont – Can't miss trails

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    I’m off to Quebec next week for an MTB road trip. I’ve been to MSM and have a good handle on the trails, but I was wondering if anyone had some recommendations for Camp Fortune and Bromont. First time for both spots.

    I like the gnar and rock, though will be on a trail bike. I’ve heard that Bromont is full-on DH bike territory, so trails that are more enduro than DH would be awesome.

    Any can’t miss trails?

    Santa Cruz



    Rad trip @atom, I hope to do the same later this summer.

    I know the trails well at both those places but not by name. I cut my teeth riding Fortune and the Gats when there were no lifts. Everything is good at Fortune and you’re going to love it. One of the best earn your turn, “enduro” friendly places around. The longest but mellowest climb is up the road to the main chalet (keep tuning left). From there you take the fire road up to the Megladon trail and either drop in there or ride up a bit further to the top. From the top, looking down, the steep stuff in on the right. And I mean steep! Hairway and other fall-line trails are on the far right under the lift. Straight down the middle are the more neutral trails, National etc. All trail bike friendly. I believe the lift also runs on Wednesday nights but you may want to confirm that. The Gats have always been illegal for bikes but they have opened up a bunch of trails. Its really good there. You can access the main network and go explore from that same chalet. Even just doing the Sunset XC series loop is a lot of fun.

    For Bromont, you really don’t want to miss the enduro style trails off the back of the mountain. You need a bit of local knowledge or a guide to loop it all perfectly. We managed to put together a 50km, 2000m, no lift day off the back last year. You can of course add a few lift assisted runs to really make it a big one. The trails are on TF but it’s how you link the series of climbs and descents that will make or break that one as far as hitting everything back there. The back is better that the front IMO. Hummus and Mordor are some of the killer trails I recall. Just a heads up that the trails and features are not marked, so consider cruising until you know what’s coming. Bromont will take you out!

    I know you follow me on Strava so maybe see if you can recreate one of our loops back there. No better place to get lost so you’re going to have a blast no matter what, at either of those places.

    If you’re in the Ottawa area and like rocks, also check out Kanata Lakes (South March Highlands) and consider Calabogie on the way home. It’s only one big AM loop, but its pretty epic. Also on my Strava.

    Have fun man!



    Well, everything you said turned out to be the straight truth. Thank you

    I traveled with a friend and we both loved Fortune. Tons of rock. Not knowing the trails, we were able to find all the recommended stuff, though we didn’t link it together very well, finding ourselves over the back after doing the Qcup run and trying to climb up a double-black to get to the other side. Side-note: There is some insane shit there!

    We hit MSM and loved it as usual. Growler is a riot. I love the rocks on Lager too.

    But Bromont was the highlight. We did the bike park. Fun, but felt way under-gunned on trail bikes. Neither of us were running dual-ply tires. I smashed a carbon rim. Thank God I wore my full-face. I ate shit riding a trail blind and assuming there would be a nice downside after a rock slab. I need to constantly remind myself not to smash down blind trail. We did the enduro trails the next day, but had a hell of a time figuring it out sadly. Hummus was incredible. I’d put it up there with the Neilson from VBH as an all-time fav east coast trail. Both of us agreed that we need to head back to Bromont for a solid week of exploration.

    We finished at Kingdom for bachelor party weekend, getting in some lifts at Burke before the rest showed up. Burke Bike Park is so small and fun. Perfect trail bike bike park. As usual, the trails at Kingdom are super fun.

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