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Bent dropout?


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    Hey guys,

    Hoping this picture works. I’m converting my 2x Trek Farley 5 to 1x. The rear derailleur is
    Shimano Deore, Shadow Plus and I installed a sunrace 11-42 cassette. I’ve done this to a few bikes but have opted for a wolftooth goat link each time. I know a long er b-screw is needed (not installed in the picture) but i am wonder if my hanger is bent in? The 42tooth cogs is rubbing on the cable mount/screw on the derailleur.

    Any thoughts on this issue?

    thanks in advance!


    Santa Cruz



    I can’t see the photo, but the current model year runs a 10-42 1x using the same hanger and derailleur. I’m willing to bet you just need to dial in the “End Adjust” bolt to ensure that the derailleur is able to clear the cassette. You may need a fresh chain to accommodate the increased length required to wrap around that 42t cog.



    Thanks @blurredlines. I screwed the ‘end adjust’ screw all the way in to see if it would help and it didn’t. If you click the link on the original post you can see the photo. It has a new chain. I’m thinking that the hanger is bent in that little bit, just enough for it to rub. I’m gunna order a goat link and i think that will straighten it out and hopefully provide better shifting aswell. Also explains why my shifting was garbage for the last couple rides.



    The photo link gives me a 404 sadly even if i sign into google. I’m just going off the model on the shop floor, but the derailleur mount is nearly horizontal from the hanger itself and then the end adjust screw is only about 2/3’rd in. I know it’s the same frame/hanger so maybe it’s a goat link look-a-like that been put in place using in place of the regular derailleur mount to make the 42t cassette work.

    I’m curious to see how the goat link works out, I’ve got an old XTR 10 spd with plenty of life left that I wouldn’t mind getting some extra life out of and a 42t is really nice to have on occasion.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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