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2018 Races and events, whats on your list?

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Fox 34

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    I really enjoyed my time at the Singletrack 6 last year. Think that will be a tough experience to replicate. If you haven’t already, you can read my story here: http://www.ridingfeelsgood.com/singletrack-6-experience-trip-lifetime-west-kootenays/

    Im looking at a few events for this year including:

    Downieville Classic http://downievilleclassic.com/downieville-classic/all-mountain
    I’d be doing the two day all-mountain options. One day monster XC ride with climb to the top followed by downhill the following day. Caveat is that you must race the DH on the same bike you raced the XC on. I rode Downieville early in the spring last year and it was unreal.

    Trans- Cascadia http://trans-cascadia.com
    4 days of raw, primitive, blind, enduro racing in the best the PNW has to offer. Amazing camp life surrounded by nature. and loam, so much loam.

    Breck Epic https://breckepic.com
    Similar to ST6 but more XC, and at elevation. I’d love to ride in that part of the world but it looks a bit too XC for my taste, My neighbour did it two years a ago and said the vibe was just “ok”.

    Trans-Sylvania Epic http://outdoorexperience.org/tse/
    7 day stage race, also more XC but vibe is off the charts.

    Anyone done any of these, or doing another one you’d like to share?

    Santa Cruz



    I’m super into the idea of doing these sorts of events, so I’m pretty stoked to see the return of Crank The Shield so that there’s an option a little closer to home. Not the same big mountain experience, but certainly more accessible



    Not into racing, but will be going to the Dirt Rag Dirt Fest in Pennsylvania again this spring. Had a great time last year.



    Some very cool races there.

    I tried racing some OCUP XC races last year. I had always wanted to give it a shot. I soon learned, that kind of racing is not for me. So much pressure! It was no fun and made normal riding feel like training. I have tons of respect for racers that stare down that kind of pressure and excel. I did enjoy the racing to a degree, but for the money you spend vs. time on a bike, it’s just not worth it for me. I’d rather ride with my friends and try new trails or go back to old favourites. I would do the Sir Sams XC race again. The course is great there.

    As for this year, I will do the Albion 24 hour race with friends, as I do each year. Otherwise, I’m going to focus on road trips if I have the time/money to get away.


    Jason Petznick

    I’m planning on throwing my hat in the ring for the Canadian National Enduro Series at Blue Mountain this year. Didn’t do it last year because I didn’t think I had logged enough climbing time, and don’t want that to be my excuse this summer!



    I am going to enter the 24 Hour Summer Solstice this year… As of now I am going to be a solo entry. If that won’t motivate me to get into great overall shape – I don’t know what will.



    You sir are a brave man.

    I’d forgotten about that Blue Mtn. enduro. I might try that.



    After wathcing you rip Kingdom and Bromont with me last year, I think you’re more than ready to slay an enduro @jason_petznick

    If I’m around I hope to give that one a go as well as the Fortune and Bromont stops on the tour.



    I did the Quebec Singletrack Experience last year, and it was awesome. While I could go back, I think I want to spend some time riding and exploring more than racing, so I’m eyeing up a few places in Quebec, and New England to go check out for multiple long weekend, and occasional week-long trips.

    That said, I’m also a bit interested in Crank the Shield, as I haven’t been to that part of Ontario in ages, and never to ride.

    I have a few work trips west as well each year, so hopefully tack on some riding days out west too. I am considering volunteering at an enduro or two so I can get a feel for the events, and decide whether I want to try my hand at it in the future (very probably yes, but need to work on my riding first).

    If anyone is coming up to Ottawa at all, I have a spare room and can ride from my place to Gatineau Park, where they’re adding 110kms (!!!!!) of trails to the official maps. While those trails have already been there, this means they’re sanctioned so no bad feelings over poaching.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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