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Why YOU Need a Fatbike

Oct 24, 20162 Comments

Winter is coming. And while that may be a bad thing for people who play games on thrones, it’s not a bad thing for people

Five Days In Whistler Bike Park – Which Rental Ruled the Roost

Oct 13, 20164 Comments

Recently I had the pleasure of demoing four top-of-the-line bikes at Whistler Bike Park. Conditions were all-time with the mountain receiving a bunch of rain the

Go West Young Man

Sep 27, 20163 Comments

I’m not saying I don’t like riding here in Ontario. Because I really do. The technical rock gardens and interval-training of the Niagara escarpment, the

Turkey Point Mountain Bike Club’s 6th Annual Fall Ripper

Sep 20, 20161 Comment

This year we’ve added some twists such as live entertainment after the ride from the rock/blues band “Soulshaker” as well as beer and wine samples

Ride Away Stigma with Danielle Berman

Sep 18, 2016No Comments

  Each year, nearly 4,000 Canadians die from suicide. Most have suffered from at least one mental health disorder, and many do not feel comfortable

Solo Bikepacking the Central Ontario Loop Trail: COLT

Aug 27, 201616 Comments

This summer I have been busy exploring my local snowmobile trails whenever I could find a free afternoon. They were the perfect place to for

Eager Beaver Race Report – Graduation.

Aug 22, 2016No Comments

I could have titled this blog “That Time I Rode A Hundred K”, because it was my first (metric) century ride. Or, I could have



Tested: Giant Trance Advanced 27.5 1

Jul 15, 20165 Comments

When it came time to choose my long-term ride for the season, the Giant Trance Advanced 27.5 1 was at the top of a very

Race Report From 2016 East Coast Open Canada Cup DH at Blue Mountain

Jun 30, 2016No Comments

After a 20 year hiatus, the Canada Cup Downhill circus returned to Ontario this past weekend at Blue Mountain Bike Park’s East Coast Open. The

Ontario Bikepacking Trip From The Headwaters To The Shoreline

Jun 15, 20168 Comments

What is bikepacking? Are there any established routes in Ontario? What sort of bike, gear and fitness is required to embark on such a journey?  

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M.O.A.B. : Magic On a Bike

May 25, 20171 Comment

So I went and did this big trip, and what do I have to show for it? An empty bank account, and an overflowing pocket full of memories.

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Mar 01, 2017

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