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Photo Report: Sunnyside Bike Park Grand Opening

Sep 21, 20146 Comments843 Views

Sunnyside Bike Park, Toronto’s first-ever off-road bike park, hosted its official grand opening this weekend. The Bike Park opened its doors to the public earlier this


A Few Days Riding the South Chilcotin Mountains

Sep 18, 20144 Comments639 Views

I’ve been riding mountain bikes for 20 years. To put that in perspective, I got my first mountain bike around the same time that Nirvana


Golden Delicious Enduro Oct 5th at Blue Mountain

Sep 15, 2014No Comments427 Views

Join us for one last hurrah of racing and apple pie! The Golden Delicious Enduro will take place Sunday Oct 5th at 9am.  Download the


403 Racing Presents: The 1st Annual Downhill Digger Jam

Sep 15, 20142 Comments365 Views

It’s official! 403 Racing is throwing another jam! With the help of The Downhill Digger, DS Solutions, The Hub Bicycle Shop, and Dave Levitt Photography.


Sunnyside Bike Park Grand Opening

Sep 09, 20142 Comments434 Views

Sunnyside Bike Park is now open. Join us for the official grand opening on Saturday, September 20 from 11 am to 1 pm. The Councillor


Video: Josh Toohill is Westward Bound

Sep 09, 20142 Comments422 Views

As I sit here, arm in a cast from underestimating the west coast gnar, it has given me time to look back on the 2014


40th Anniversary Specialized Allez Supports The WBR

Sep 08, 2014No Comments257 Views

MORGAN HILL, Calif.,– Specialized Bicycles has been lucky to serve the greater cycling community by striving to produce products that and inspire to improve riders


Tuf Rack Enduro At Camp Fortune Oct 4-5th

Sep 06, 2014No Comments566 Views

The Camp Fortune Enduro will be a three stage race including some lift access and pedalling in liason stages. The runs vary from roughly 10min to 20min in length. Pits


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Just Ask Matt: Spoke Length and Tires vs. Frame Material

Oct 24, 2014No Comments95 Views

@JCitizen writes: “What I wonder is: with today’s modern tires & rims, which allow for higher volume tires to have lighter weights and be run with far lower


Photo Report: Giant Bicycles ...

Fresh into Fall, RFG partnered with Giant Bicycles Canada

Sep 26, 2014

Just Ask Matt: TALAS, Spoke Te...

@Cracker Writes: “Hi Matt, I’ve heard you slag newer

Sep 23, 2014

Photo Report: Sunnyside Bike P...

Sunnyside Bike Park, Toronto’s first-ever off-road bike park, hosted

Sep 21, 2014

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