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Photo Report: Tuf Rack Ontario DH Provincias at Sir Sam’s

Sep 30, 201411 Comments631 Views

The Tufrack Ontario Cup Downhill Series made its final stop for the Provincial Championships at Sir Sam’s Ski and Bike in Haliburton last weekend. This


Photo Report: Giant Bicycles Demo Day in The Don

Sep 26, 20143 Comments778 Views

Fresh into Fall, RFG partnered with Giant Bicycles Canada and Cycle Solutions to host an evening demo in the Don Valley to sample some of


CONTOUR Announces ROAM3 Action Camera

Sep 23, 20142 Comments405 Views

POV pioneer unveils action camera that is waterproof up to 30 feet without a case, features a quick-photo mode and award-winning low-profile design. Provo, Utah (Sept. 23,


Just Ask Matt: TALAS, Spoke Tension and Fork Travel in the Don

Sep 23, 20147 Comments874 Views

@Cracker Writes: “Hi Matt, I’ve heard you slag newer Fox TALAS forks and I don’t think you’re that far off.  My 2012 36 TALAS doesn’t


Giant Bicycles Demo Day in the Don September 25th

Sep 22, 2014No Comments551 Views

We’re partnering with Giant Bicycles Canada and Cycle Soultions to offer RFG members the opportunity to try out some sweet 2015 Giant bikes.   Giant


Photo Report: Sunnyside Bike Park Grand Opening

Sep 21, 20146 Comments1065 Views

Sunnyside Bike Park, Toronto’s first-ever off-road bike park, hosted its official grand opening this weekend. The Bike Park opened its doors to the public earlier this


A Few Days Riding the South Chilcotin Mountains

Sep 18, 20144 Comments839 Views

I’ve been riding mountain bikes for 20 years. To put that in perspective, I got my first mountain bike around the same time that Nirvana


Golden Delicious Enduro Oct 5th at Blue Mountain

Sep 15, 2014No Comments505 Views

Join us for one last hurrah of racing and apple pie! The Golden Delicious Enduro will take place Sunday Oct 5th at 9am.  Download the


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Dirt Management: Good Trails – The Bare Necessities

Nov 18, 20147 Comments436 Views

Trails are central to my life. I’ll go so far as to say if it weren’t for my local trails I would have gone stir crazy in this


The Power of Group Rides

I love group rides – while any group will

Oct 31, 2014

Just Ask Matt: Spoke Length an...

@JCitizen writes: “What I wonder is: with today’s modern

Oct 24, 2014

Suspension Linkage Kinematics:...

It is becoming more common of late to see

Oct 14, 2014