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  • Hahaha, I hadn’t caught your reply at the time @RenegadeHardware, but just saw it now. So I had my own little moment of discovery vis-a-vis the PanAm games this spring when I heard about the extension of the Gatineau hydro corridor trail to link up with the East Don and went out to see what it was. I was pleasantly surprised to find a very…[Read more]

  • No country for old men? Not at all. A paceline went ripping by me one day this summer on catalyst, all 50+. Speaking for myself only, some riders in the valley are older than they look. And I still have and occasionally ride my vintage bike as well, it’s all good.

  • If anyone recently lost a bike computer (the old school type pre-smarphone era) on quads, someone else spotted it and left it in the crook of a tree, where it is easy to see on the way by. It’s the upper half section south of the rock garden.

  • A couple of inconvenient deadfall have recently been cut out of the way on the north part of kitchen sink north of eglinton. The construction area is problematic as they have shored up the fencing so the hurdle is now about 4 or 5 feet high, while the homeless encampment in the ravine has been reoccupied making that outlet a little more awkward.…[Read more]

  • Dr. quads got a bit of a makeover, still a few things to go but it’s mostly rideable as much as it ever was. One ladder section is still off camber and the narrow slump at the bottom end is wider now and not yet bridged. I’m not sure of the status of the banked/curved structure that leads onto the last big bridge, but the bridge itself appears to…[Read more]

  • I took a crack at aligning the Phased 123 trail alignment with the trailforks. It’s the thick black line, not to be confused with the thin black lines of trailforks black diamond. Short of doing the registration properly, it’s good enough to show the main impact on Kitchen Sink.

  • Just back from a week away from the computer, thanks for your thoughts and looking forward to getting back on the bike. The tires are Bontrager XR1 they do seem quite lightweight so perhaps between some wear and thin casing to begin with that’s all it is.

  • I too passed through quads recently but I sure didn’t ride it. There’s been work going on the tracks all summer and that day they were on the bridge so I had to go back along that river trail and then ascend along quads. I too noticed that the vines were almost the worst part and many of the bridges could plausibly be repaired rather than replaced…[Read more]

  • I’m no luddite or anything, but am new to disc brakes as of last year, and have just reached the limit of the pads and rotors that came with the bike. I replaced with the identical units, but I did wonder if there might have been others to look at. It’s XT brakes and currently set up with shimano ice tech rotors rt 81 and metal pads G04S.…[Read more]

  • Hehe, I’ve long been thinking Smithster for short, but such beautiful trails and scenery just there of all places also frequently has me thinking of Brooke Burke, a B-list TV host from years past.

  • In the absence of a lot of regulars, it seems I’m posting up a bit of a storm here recently. There is certainly a lot of dust. The closest I came to wiping out though was on the pavement. The river flooding last week left a big pile of sand on the paved path in the east don below wynford hill. Coming off kitchen sink I was rolling with some…[Read more]

  • The rain has indeed been just the ticket. The river looked unusually high though, so when I got home i checked and saw we dodged a bombshell, with up to 8 centimetres falling in some of the northern reaches of the gta. Someone has put up a helpful warning sign at the exit of fourplay. I think it refers to the new cement curb blocks there, but I…[Read more]

  • Trail surfaces in great shape after the rain over the weekend. The shrubbery is doing even better. There is what looks to be another part of the same tree down in that spot at the entrance to Beaver Flat/catalyst. It is about 6″ and standing up and planted firmly in the ground like a small tree trunk. I couldn’t tell if it was a practical joke…[Read more]

  • Daytime through kitchen sink so had to find and take the alternate trail mentioned on the previous page (thanks drc!). Although I knew from the description right where it was, I literally couldn’t see it at first until I walked up the bank a little and finally saw the faint traces. For me going northbound it was more of a mini portaging…[Read more]

  • Pretty big trunk probably 30cm+ is lying just metres in from the road on the south entrance to to the beaver flats / catalyst. Over on the east I smelt the fresh lumber before I saw it, smelled just like aisle 2 at home depot, I was psyched for the cyclo-cross running dismount and vault move that I occasionally dream of, but of course I was too…[Read more]

  • Half an inch according to the TRCA; with a windy evening of drier air, I think your odds are pretty good.

  • Another daytime interruption due to construction this time under eglinton along kitchen sink. Had to portage up the south side of the embankment to cross eglinton, then was able to sidle along the outside edge of their fence for about 25m to pick up the northbound trail again. Currently it’s a lot of soft earth spread around by bulldozer so even…[Read more]

  • Well that is some sick. In better news thanks to all the recent work on kitchen sink south there is now an awesome loop via kitchen sink north coming out at wynford hill then back though the new ismaili centre parkette, along eglinton and cross back to climbax at the ibm ‘interchange’. The loop has always been there of course, just not quite at…[Read more]

  • As noted, great conditions. I’m a little puzzled at how moist things were though, given that the trca site at brickworks reported only 1.3 mm in the last 72 hours. An unusual spot of trail damage, in the form of hoofprints along the end of five play. Someone had come onto the trail from somewhere along the ravine from glendon, and cantered on down…[Read more]

  • I wouldn’t pass on fourplay/5play altogether on a daytime ride, may be worth a look from the top of the ridge. There was only two guys onsite this afternoon and they were down at the bottom by the bridge so it was easy to scoot across to 5play. I was seen exiting 5play, but they didn’t stop me from riding straight back up the road, so didn’t have…[Read more]

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