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  • It was all dried up in the east boomerang fruitloop and training loop, aside from the usual persistent wet spots. I just discovered the east part of boomerang tonight so yes it has a trunk down and also the high line over to fruit loop has quite a trunk down too.

  • The guy with the weather station in sunnybrook park seems to have taken it offline, or else I can’t find it. It only rained for about 20 minutes this afternoon in my neighbourhood, but a substantial amount must have fallen because when I went out to have a look about 7 pm, it was barely debateablely rideable and I elected not to get my bike…[Read more]

  • Just rode through there tonight, Boomerang is in great condition though I didn’t take the high line over to fruit loop, and while fruitloop has 2-3 trunks down across the trail and 3 spots with surface water, it is otherwise in surprisingly good shape. Dr Quads is beyond my abilities, turned back before I saw it.

  • It can’t be all things to all people, but in my view I cannot imagine that any other ‘greater area’ in the world, with at least 5 million people that is, would have a better trail network right in the middle of it.

  • The Vanderhoof climb was just fine for years and years, and this year it just went to pieces. A new path just to the north has been gradually materializing, which was comparatively dry and firm but of course that entire slopeside will likely always be wet. I tried telling my kids that caterpillars are preferable to mosquitoes but they didn’t agree.

  • On that note, I must say I was reasonably impressed with trailforks, having just looked at it for the first time the other day. I would say it’s got the green blue black designations for the Don pretty much right, perhaps those ratings have made at least a start in this direction and helped out more than we know.

  • Great day on the trails, had the kids out and was thankful that wherever the mosquitoes were, they were not found anywhere on the flats or boo trail. A few little mud puddles, just enough for the kids to have some fun without making too much of a mess or trashing anything. 72 hours after 44mm of rain seems just about right.

  • repack replied to the topic Singletrack 6 in the forum TALKING ABOUT BIKES 2 months ago

    OK, I tried to sketch it in google drive maps:


    hopefully the link works. I think the valley is about 575 feet deep in the middle there so it’s a good climb on either side. The route back from sideroad 4a to 7a is through some conservation lands and/or bruce trail, what…[Read more]

  • repack replied to the topic Singletrack 6 in the forum TALKING ABOUT BIKES 2 months ago

    If you’re headed to grey county you could try sideroads 4b 7ab and 10ab in the beaver valley. 7 is a regular road grade, while parts of 10 are unopened road allowance and a jog sideways through the conservation lands. on the west side sideroad 4b is also a good climb on a road allowance. Ridden as a loop gives a good mix of variety and vertical…[Read more]

  • Stumpjumper? It’s a hallowed name from a quainter era, but also riffs on the aforementioned idea that uphills are a bit lame because you can’t do much with them, certainly not to the point of getting air. Whereas if you could get air going uphill, you’d obviously be a pretty great rider as many of the locals here are, and, it might save a derailleur.

  • There were quite a few indeed, as many walkers as cyclists. While everything I saw was encouragingly dry, I didn’t see too much in the way of ruts left by pre-season riders. I did however form the impression that the ridge still has a lot of the same bumps it had last year, which I had always attributed to the tree cutting that took place in…[Read more]

  • Re bike programming, while not a city initiative per se I was encouraged to see a bike oriented programme at Brickworks for this summer. It’s only offered for a few weeks, so still not certain whether I can fit it in to our schedule. I suspect an organization like Brick works probably has access at city hall that individual entrepreneurs can only…[Read more]

  • Cyclists should certainly learn what they can and borrow from the experience of larger organizations that preceded them. The BTA and the OFSC I suspect are the two most prominent. In the case of the OFSC, it’s correct to note that there is provincial law that applies to recreational use of snowmobiles, which will not likely ever be the case for…[Read more]

  • I’d have to agree, the various outdoor basketball and baseball facilities that I see are rarely used for casual unorganized play. In part, because the organized basketball and baseball groups in Toronto are quite successful in meeting demand. While not free, both activities are still comparably affordable to play in organized leagues. Basketball…[Read more]

  • As I recall the issue of permits specific to the Don valley came up several years ago, and I believe sacred rides indicated they had the appropriate permits at that time. Boot camps I think is the model that well matches the guided rides that were offered directly by sacred rides over the years. My guess is that the affiliate model of business…[Read more]

  • I hadn’t heard the year-old news on Grenadier pond, but indeed it’s quite fascinating. Get a load of this quote from the article:

    Although, I for one can’t imagine how it costs $25000 to test the ice for a season. What are we talking about, ground penetrating radar on board a quadcopter drone? I thought you could just use an auger to keep a…[Read more]

  • I have not been to Marie Curtis, but in my opinion the location for the sunnyside park is a bit too compromised. I went there once and it didn’t work for me, I am not sure how sunnyside got selected in the first place. I get that it’s not a trivial problem, a bike park does need more space than a skate park. But, we do have plenty of green space…[Read more]

  • I’m not sure I see that the relationship between skateboarding and trail riding in this city is quite that close. From what I can see, the city has comparatively much greater buy-in and support for skateparks than bike parks (13 to 2 by my tally). And as for dirt trails, for which there’s no analogy in skate-boarding, I suspect they are more work…[Read more]

  • By the time I finalized on the Giant Anthem the 2016’s in my size were pretty much gone, so I ended up with another bike of similar travel. Compared to what most folks here ride a straight XC bike is perhaps not so common, and I can agree with others that from what you’re saying you probably don’t want the anthem. I couldn’t be happier with my XC…[Read more]

  • To me the bike camping doesn’t seem much different from hiking, more pleasant when the gear can be minimized. The tarp does save a small number of pounds if going before or after bug season and it’s perfectly fine in any normal rain, but you do have to guess/predict the prevailing wind conditions when you set it up. I always had the tarp set up…[Read more]

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