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  • Two trees down on Cat as of Saturday mid-day. Neither will catch you by surprise (heading westbound) but both will require a stop. The first is an easy step over, but the second is completely blocking the trail. Several trees are involved and the only way through is a sketchy hillside climb-around.

    The scaffold on BoT may be on the move. Looks…[Read more]

  • nmacquarrie changed their profile picture 3 months ago

  • What a gift, this weather. Smooth sailing yesterday from Pottery to BOT and back via Climbmaxx, Bunny Run / Droppings (some leaf-covered sand pits on the second half of droppings) and Flats.

    The new bridge on Cat is bomber. Thanks to whoever sorted that out.

    Lots of family groups in Crothers this weekend. Would it make sense for CoT to amend…[Read more]

  • From Saturday afternoon, here’s my submission for ‘biggest tree cleared, solo and without tools, while trying to wait out a surprise downpour.’

    Location: the first of the two switchbacks heading downhill (north) on PA from the Tremco plant. Guessing it came down in bad weather at the end of last week.

  • 2 bridges on Cat have suffered some damage from recent rains. One is slumping into its ravine, another is missing some woodwork and could grab your wheel if you’re unlucky. (nice work on that first switchback though!)

    1st bridge (southbound) on Bunny Run has a hole in the middle.

    Otherwise conditions were prime yesterday. (Pottery to PA +…[Read more]

  • There are Cow Parsnip or possibly Giant Hogweed (more likely the former, though I didn’t stop to take a long enough look) growing near the trail between the roadway / bridge at the end of the flats and the junction with Catalyst. Either way, both of these plants contain sap that will cause serious burns. Be sure to avoid and be very careful if…[Read more]

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