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  • Pretty awesome conditions if you can handle the heat! A few seasonal reminders:

    1. Sight lines – ring a bell or call out (chances are the person around the corner has earbuds, but at least you tried!)
    2. Places to find water in the parks system???

    1. Stinging nettle & poison ivy – just about everywhere, and already…[Read more]

  • Walked bits of the northwest this morning. Still greasy spots on high lines, wet spots on the low ones, but all drying up quickly. Afternoon should be good enough for a rip. Monday is still THE DAY.

    Lose a phone? Found one this morning in Woods Gundy that seemed pretty dry considering (but currently buried in rice anyway). Sticker in phone case…[Read more]

  • Oh it’s wet. With complete ground saturation and leaf cover holding the humidity it’ll take some time (and wind) to dry out. Sleep in Sunday but I suspect it’ll still be greasy. Monday will be THE DAY.

    I’d give Beaver Flats a pass at least until Monday. The steep slide-y section with the bridges has seen some realignment but the trail is mostly…[Read more]

  • West Don trails are clear of trees – our collective thanks go out to The Man. Conditions are ideal, scenery is spectacular. Get out there!

  • Great conditions but continue to watch out for deadfall. On foot through BOT – PA – RJ – Cat – Beaver Flats. I’m guessing someone already went through and cleared most of the sticks so thanks for that. There are a few bigger ticket items:

    Cat: one tree across trail (can probably be dragged downhill with muscle and care!)
    Beaver Flats: 4 trees acr…[Read more]

  • Crazy wind storm #3 of 2018. Beautiful in there but watch your drivetrain!

    On foot Saturday morning Vanderhoof – Swamp – WG – SHT – Rehab stuff – Roller Flowster – 1st leg of 4play clearing deadfall.

    Here’s what’s left to be done in this area:
    WG: <30 cm ash across trail at highest point
    SHT: <30 cm ash across wee boulder drop feature near S…[Read more]

  • The metal survey stake is now below grade. That’s a complete bummer about your tires @slabs. I’m guessing every rider has been *just* missing it ever since the line was modified. Thanks for marking and reporting it.

    Greasy walk this morning. The pond at the north end of Serena Gundy is a wild party of frogs mating. Stop and listen if you’re in…[Read more]

  • Mid Sunday afternoon ride today was a considerable improvement over last Friday. Most West Don trails are good to go. Even Woods Gundy is much improved, although there’s a new tree across the north end of the trail (in the toboggan gully) just before the paved path.

    Amber alert: Swamp is a bit swampy, SHT has one nasty spot, Woods Gundy has one…[Read more]

  • Hopefully y’all slept in and didn’t see the s*** on the ground this morning. On foot this morning in Crothers area and trails were drying out fast. Should be mostly-hero by mid-afternoon. Aiming to ride at 3:30 myself… Rocket is all tidied and ready to fire. Check out the new bike racks!

    Re-posting last Friday’s trail report which *should*…[Read more]

  • Rain last night, steady drizzle all morning. Trails are classic Don super-grease *sigh*. Not recommended until sun and wind make an appearance. Poo!

  • Thanks again @drc and @slabs for moving those big sticks out of the way. No small feat!

    Took advantage of the sunny weather to do a little west side recon. Tonight’s forecasted showers/drizzle may set things back but I’ll echo the last post:

    Green light:
    – Crothers, Ridge, Flats, Catalyst, RJ, PA, BOT. Further north all the Rehab trails, Roller…[Read more]

  • @drc – that was a seriously long walk and excellent work done – many thanks! On foot this morning and tidied up a few things on BOT, Beaver Flats, and Boo (although some remain on the latter). Slides on Beaver Flats are realigning the portion beneath the Doobatorium on a daily basis. Paved paths were humming with all kinds of activity but…[Read more]

  • On foot through N Crothers, Ridge and Flats. I wouldn’t have thought there’d be much deadfall still to come down after the recent windstorm, but ice+wind dropped many more. Some large trees fallen but none on the trail. Cleared $1M worth of those $100 sticks (cost of new derailleur, or hanger + shipping). As @Crank suggested, the woods are good…[Read more]

  • mcbain replied to the topic 4/20 Ride 2018! in the forum THE DON VALLEY 1 month, 1 week ago

    Pretty sure they’re just gonna spray paint the shirt you’re wearing 😉

  • Seems like we’re stuck in late-winter and until temperatures stay above zero overnight there will be little progress in trail conditions. It’s still good news for the early shift riders, but yesterday’s afternoon crew essentially picked up the top 2-3 cm of dirt and flung it elsewhere… it ain’t pretty.

    Thanks to the those who went for walks…[Read more]

  • All Don trails are, on average, good to go in the 3rd week of April, hence the 4/20 ride as the quasi-official start to prime riding season. While some trails are ready earlier (Flats, Ridge) and some later (Swamp, Climbmax) and climate change is a thing, we’re still a LONG way from damage-free riding. *sigh*

    What’s a rider to do?
    1. Don’t…[Read more]

  • Another window of great winter riding has closed – hopefully everyone got out last Tuesday.

    On foot through N Crothers / Ridge / Flats this morning: the first two are mostly bumpy ice with frozen mud poking through (although some extended areas of soft) while the Flats is deepening slush at one end and extended puddles at the other. Overnight…[Read more]

  • Looped around Beaver Flats (good) and Boo (great) this morning on snowshoes. Compared to yesterday’s early morning ride/walk/ride on full fat, conditions have firmed up considerably and the crust provides plenty of traction. Trails to the south and north have very good bootpack. Get out there this afternoon / evening!

    – fences were all sealed up…[Read more]

  • Skiing through the midwest again – stunning sunrise and perfect conditions. Pond rink is shoveled. Zero tiretracks and softer conditions but definitely enough foot/snowshoe traffic to ride fat on Boo & Swamp. You can always bail to the lightly covered paved path.

  • XC skiing was even better this morning through ET Seton & Serena Gundy. Science Centre pond perfect for skating. Boo / Swamp / WG outstanding with grippy snowpack. Cold but worth the effort!

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