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  • Fantastic conditions & temperature last night for 2.4’s and up on all trails mentioned in recent posts. Same this morning and, I’d wager, tonight and early tomorrow morning. Get it before it’s too soft or gone completely! Careful around the zombie raccoons out there…

  • Should be fine on all tires although CX is pushing it – I followed two sets of deep and non-linear CX tracks on Boo. Didn’t look like fun, but it never really does 😉

  • Get in there! Crothers / Ridge / Flats / Boo / WG / SHT / Rehab road climb / Burke Brooke boardwalk all have great bootpack but some of the steeper climbs are loose. Beaver Flats is less traveled but still worth it.

    Given the significant improvement between my early morning walk (slip and slide) and late afternoon fat-ride I’m guessing warmer…[Read more]

  • A cautiously optimistic report: I was expecting an elevated ribbon of smooth ice hidden under a little light snow so I wimped out and didn’t ride. My first mistake of the day!

    Walking dogs through the mid-west I didn’t slip once in my awesome boot-skating boots. The ice beneath has some texture and crunch. Boo was awesome (ice under Overlea…[Read more]

  • Superb conditions this morning and slowly rising temperatures. Don’t let the wind deter you (although do your best to stay out of it heading southbound!).

    Lots of options: Crothers, Ridge/Flats, Boo/Beaver Flats, Swamp , Woods Gundy, SHT, Rehab road climb – valley rim footpath out to Bayview – downhill to Burke Brooke footpath (aka new Vietnam) -…[Read more]

  • Riding fat (4.6’s) this morning from Loblaws/Crothers to top of SHT. Way warmer than expected. Further to yesterday’s post:

    Fantastic: main Crothers, Swamp, SHT, tractor double track through ET Seton
    Good: Boo, Woods Gundy, Flats, northeast Crothers
    Harder than expected: Beaver Flats

    Follow the bootpack!

  • Ho ho ho and all that. Rare treat to have a white xmas, and unusual for the fluffy stuff to last for days! I’ve been snowshoeing in the mid-West. Great to be out but watch that wind (consider stuffing an extra sock here and there…)

    Boo – good bootpack from bikes/boots/snowshoes. Soft and drifty in spots, particularly south of the Overlea…[Read more]

  • mcbain replied to the topic Winter Riding in the forum THE DON VALLEY 1 month ago

    2.3’s? Like a road bike? 😉 No experience on 27.5+ but I’ve got a little-used fatbike (26×4.6) that I recently built up some 29×3.00 wheels to double as a hardtail bikepacking rig. Both wheelsets track better in the snow than yours, but are not necessary as they won’t change the number of rideable days (the hardpack you’ve already ridden).…[Read more]

  • Outstanding conditions confirmed from Crothers to top of SHT on lower trails (upper trails have limited traffic). Rolling happily on 3.0’s. Cold snow is a little loose on some corners and climbs, but I’ll take that over the glossy hardpack we’ll have in a couple days!

    Highly recommend hot laps on Boo and Beaver Flats in both directions (although…[Read more]

  • Good bootpack and tire tracks on most West Don trails. Fat tires not required but make life easier!

    For sure: Crothers / Boo / Beaver Flats / Vanderhoof / Swamp / Secret Hidden Trail

    Most likely: Ridge / Woods Gundy (haven’t been on either though)

    Probably not: Catalyst / Rim Job / PA / BOT / Climbmax had no tire tracks as of 2 days ago.

    No…[Read more]

  • On foot through the mid-west this morning. Not much wind in the trees, but nasty in the open valley. Cover up!

    Sewer repair is finished so Boo and Beaver Flats are unobstructed. Hats off to those guys for putting both trails back mostly the way they were. Attempts have been made to restore the truncated loop on BF.

    Boo is good to go for all…[Read more]

  • Frozen sandpaper, very few ruts. A few updates from the mid-West:

    Boo – tree across trail just north of Overlea bridge. As well, workers have closed off a short section of trail nearest the sewer construction adjacent the archery range. Pretty thoughtful of them to put out signs and everything! Just take the grass or paved path around this.

    BOT…[Read more]

  • Prime early bird conditions. Daylight is more than adequate by 7:30 am. You’ll want to be off south facing trails by 9:30 am , but can go into overtime if it’s overcast. 7-day forecast is promising!

    Beaver Flats – crispy conditions make the middle section do-able, except for the pure icy spots building up (potential luge, skeleton, and/or bobsled…[Read more]

  • Also: this update on the sewer construction on Beaver Flats (fenced-off area opposite the archery range). Expect some heavy equipment, big holes, bigger smells, and disruption on both Boo and BF in the next month!

    From the most excellent project manager: “After our initial survey of the structure it was deemed a priority to remove the most…[Read more]

  • Looks like a beautiful week ahead. Higher up trails are fantastic, low down ones more prone to wet spots.

    Beaver Flats – although the S and N ends are great, you’d best avoid the middle section below the powerline / Doobatorium. It’s super greasy and treacherous whether walking or riding, especially on the bridges. Not sure where all the water…[Read more]

  • In addition to the above, two more items:

    Ridge – massive tree down around the mid-point. You can sneak around the downhill end slowly. This tree has been 311’d so no need for local beavers…

    Flats – there’s a new re-route safely bypassing the section of trail falling into the river but the transition to it is a little abrupt, particularly southbound.

  • Leaves have been cleared from the Ridge up to 4play and (but not Crothers, Garbage Cow, or 5play). Greasy in spots but should dry out quickly and help get the frost in the ground sooner.

    Beaver Flats is a sloppy mess in the middle beneath the Doobatorium and the bridges are kinda treacherous. So much water in the ground that that slope continues…[Read more]

  • Great ride last night in the full West Don. Darkness falls early and quickly so get a full charge on your lights before you head out. Yeah, I didn’t. To sum up:

    Catalyst – failing bridges
    Rim Job – all hail the whipper snipper man – thanks D!
    PA – bridges on Tremco climb failing
    BOT – scaffolding narrows trail to sub 750 mm after the big wall…[Read more]

  • Definitely not vandalism this time – City of Toronto workers dismantled it completely and hauled out about 75% of the wood (the rest fell further down the hill). The dog walker who spoke to them said they were responding to a complaint. And that’s exactly how our bylaw system works. SAD! etc Lead-in to the former jump is now closed off.

  • Trump Jump
    Born Sept 1, 2017
    Died Sept 25, 2017

    Friendly dog walker texted me a photo of the remains. It’s a zero sum game in terms of user safety though; they left the run-in wide open so now it’s even more likely someone unfamiliar with the trails will ride into the chasm. If you get there before me please try to close it off.

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