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  • March Mudness in full effect. All low spots are susceptible to lasting damage; ruts just delay how long it’ll take to dry out. Outside edges on steeper trails are soft and easy to slice right off. 4/20 is still 3 weeks away, and this winter wasn’t that much of an outlier. Patience.

    There is, in my opinion, one trail open 24-7-365 in the Don: the…[Read more]

  • Fantastic conditions early this morning on a full West Don tour. Freezing in the wind but pleasant down in the valley; warm enough to start melting south facing trails by 10 am! As always, start early if it’s gonna be sunny.

    Fence beneath Millwood Bridge is definitely next level but still no Trump Wall – mildly inconvenient to get around but no…[Read more]

  • Mixed bag this morning. Trails are well-packed but highly variable: grippy crust, soft snow, super-smooth ice, and icy ruts, all depending on exposure. Parts of the paved path are deadly. Studs for sure if you go.

  • Turn that frown upside down – conditions have gone from worst to best! On snowshoes this morning around the Science Centre. Excellent bootpack on Boo and looks to be the same heading south on the Flats, and north on the Swamp. Tire size shouldn’t be an issue – get out there! No traffic coming off of PA or BOT suggests fresh tracks await the daring.

  • Beautiful in the valley but loose snow on ice this morning is definitely worse than yesterday. Plenty of evidence of walkers wiping out, myself included. Maybe skinny studded tires could cut through the snow down to ice? Maybe not. If you go out expect multiple seat-high body slams and dress appropriately.

  • Conditions are possibly the iciest yet. On foot (or boot skates) this morning: BOT & PA were brutal so retreated to lower trails. Boo also a ribbon of smooth ice, most of Climbmax too. Bottom line – if it’s mainly in the shade, it’s scary icy. On the bright side, the Science Centre pond is perfect for skating. Heading there tomorrow after work!

  • Two repaired sections of fencing on the Flats. One directly beneath the Millwood Bridge and the other just north across from the hydro substation.

    Out this afternoon on 4.6 Ground Controls @ 8 psi F/R. Great traction but spun out on the Millwood Bridge climb 🙁
    – Crothers / Ridge / Flats / Swamp / SHT / (new) Vietnam / Glendon trails all…[Read more]

  • Last night’s rain helped settle that fluffy snow. Second-hand reports say Crothers, Ridge, and Flats are all good to go. North of there the Catalyst low line makes a good riverside up-and-back, but all the high lines (Cat/RJ/PA) have seen little traffic. Lots of ski and snowshoe tracks everywhere across the fields by the Science Centre but sadly…[Read more]

  • Crothers was cleared of leaves two weekends ago and the Ridge/Flats got the same treatment this past weekend, so this much should be mint today. All points north still need a final going-over to remove small accumulations of muck . Expect inopportune slick spots and a few greasy sideslopes, especially where work has been done recently. This…[Read more]

  • Great initiative! With the weather finally starting to turn, here’s hoping the frost gets in the ground ASAP so we can keep riding bikes (instead of washing them). Fingers crossed for sunny and snowy weekend afternoons this winter. Not sure how disciplined and orderly these rides are, but if you could maintain a V formation, the trails will be…[Read more]

  • Departing frost could make things greasy in the morning. It’s raining leaves today. Head’s up: massive tree down across the entrance to BOT. You’d be a hero to clear it, but a zero if you miss the next corner… Also some fresh work on PA and Roller Flowster.

  • Leaves cleared from Swamp – Woods Gundy – SHT – Rehab – Roller Flowster – 4play – 5play.

    Should be another stellar weekend – get out there!

  • Ridge Flats clear of leaves.

  • Boo Bunny Climbmaxxx clear of leaves.

    Close encounter with the skunk living in the culvert by the archery range entrance. No harm done!

  • Gosh!
    Woods Gundy / SHT / Asylum / G-spot / Rehab / Roller Flowster / 4play / 5play? all clear of leaves.

  • West Don west side trails are clear of leaves from cricket tree to Serena Gundy (Cat upper/lower, RJ, PA, BOT, Swamp). Conditions are outstanding. Careful in the deep leaves elsewhere!

    Work beneath the Overlea bridge is done and barricades have been removed.

    To the feature builder on Boo: Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro want their jump back.

  • Outstanding conditions yesterday and today everywhere. Quintessential fall Don riding. Get out there!

  • You are the hostess with the most-est! I shall ride until noon, but must attend Cask Days at the Brickworks in the afternoon. Sorry I will miss the edible part of the ride (again). The irony of my inability to drink anything besides Guinness or beer-flavored grapefruit juice is not lost on me…

  • On foot this morning in the mid-west and things were drying up quickly. Very few slick spots by 11 am – should be great this evening and hero tomorrow. A few things:

    1. Catalyst beneath Overlea Bridge – some real danger: workers on scaffolding are removing concrete from the underside of the bridge. They’re upslope of the trail but chunks are…[Read more]

  • Thanks for posting @fietser.

    These costs are on par with local real estate 😉 and accurately represent the price of doing business in Toronto. As an out-of-province friend commented, this report cost more than his city has ever spent on trails. It’s tempting to nitpick the itemized cost breakdown but I’m trying to look bigger picture and hop…[Read more]

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