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  • Been out of town searching the country for non-rainy riding conditions. No idea what the Don is like, but looking forward to getting back to the motherland. In the meantime, this:

    I’m not one for debate at the best of times (let alone an InterWebs forum) but since I’m mentioned by name I’ll bite. In the spirit of alternative facts, here are a…[Read more]

  • Out walking this morning and got caught by the BUCKETS of rain. The Don filled its banks again @ Eglinton. Big tree down at S end of Woods Gundy and will require a beaver or team of horses to drag it off to the side. SHT was essentially one long puddle. Not sure what the weekend will bring but today is a write-off.

    Maybe we should be boating…[Read more]

  • Really greasy early this morning on riverside trails but pretty good higher upslope. Should be outstanding this afternoon and evening. Carpe diem…

    Rim Job is closing in fast on all sides. Eye protection mandatory!

  • On foot this morning through the Swamp / Woods Gundy / SHT / and boardwalk in Burke Brook ravine. Even before the rain conditions were super greasy with puddles of the Don’s trademark “silty slip” in low spots. After the downpour things were 10x worse. The wind is helping to dry things out, but the humidity is doing the opposite. With…[Read more]

  • Beautiful out there. Borderline chilly! Any light showers should soak in pretty quick, so fingers crossed for good riding through the weekend. Some notes:

    Roller Flowster – thanks to whoever dug out the culvert at the rollers (and for not putting the dirt in a worse location). Feel free to do that anywhere a drainage is blocked in any trail…[Read more]

  • On foot from Eglinton down to Redway. Get out there!

    Bullfrogs: at the north end of Boo in the pond beneath the arcing concrete bridge there are about a 100 chubby bullfrogs noisily looking for mates. Definitely worth checking out – I’ve never seen so many frogs and toads in the Don Valley.

    Caterpillars: finally saw what all the fuss is about…[Read more]

  • Looking great for the weekend. Compared to the horror stories in other areas, trails north of the Swamp have no caterpillars and relatively few mosquitoes. Even Cat / RJ / PA are tolerable at a walking pace.

    As for Roller Flowster rollers – my guess is it’s not the wet spot causing the trouble (although feel free to dig out the uphill end of the…[Read more]

  • On foot from the Swamp up to 4play. Greasier than expected in many spots but not wet/muddy. Conditions should be outstanding later this afternoon / tonight / tomorrow. A few notes:

    Nature is growing super fast so sight lines are shrinking and some trails (like Rim Job!) are narrowing to cheese-grater width. If you prune, reach and cut waaaaaaaaay…[Read more]

  • On foot around Boo, Beaver Flats, Cat, RJ, PA, BoT yesterday and it was good enough. This morning Swamp, Woods Gundy, SHT, Rehab trails, Roller Flowster. Should be Don perfection by this evening so get out there and “go west young [insert gender here]!”

    Swamp – almost dry!
    Woods Gundy has a few muddy spots along the climb – careful southbound on…[Read more]

  • On foot from Eglinton to Redway.
    some fresh work, one bit on a semi-blind S-bend with a water hazard. Heads up if you can’t see around corners!
    sadly losing an edge to the river nearish the N end, at the classic high-speed-S-bend-with-a-root-in-the-middle. The exit berm heading northbound ends in a wheeltrap (or plummet) to the river below.…[Read more]

  • On foot through Beaver Flats / Cat / RJ / PA / BOT loop this morning. All good to go! The Swamp is really, really swampy. Red ants are drowned out of their homes and wandering everywhere so careful where you sit and/or lay your backpack. First mosquito bites of the year (20+) – Ground Zero for those hungry buggers is Climbmax and surrounding area.…[Read more]

  • This is a full saturation rain event complete with small rivers on fall line trails (Vanderhoof) and DEEP puddles on the flat ones. Maybe Saturday?

    These are the trails I’ve been referring to as Mid-West. But why not west? At the north end of the Flats the Don River forks into its East and West branches. I kinda thought everything along each…[Read more]

  • On foot through the mid-West this morning. Trails are near-mint so if showers are light (or absent) riding should be outstanding today and tomorrow. Not sure if the Swamp is ever going to drain this year…

  • Weather report called for showers today but it rained A LOT. No point in being the early bird on Monday – sleep late, make a nice brunch, call Loretta, and hopefully conditions will be good in the afternoon.

    Some fresh work on Climbmax by the mucky doubles be greasy so heads up!

  • If you haven’t been out riding, you should – conditions are pretty darn good. The few remaining wet spots are firming up and some are getting a more permanent rock armour fix. Lots more green on trees so sight lines are decreasing. Mosquitoes are still AWOL, but not for long. Please post up any trail issues you encounter.

    A few things:
    1.…[Read more]

  • On foot in the mid-West Don this morning. Definitely way less rain than expected but the ground is still super-saturated. High trails are greasy but drying out quickly.. Low trails are sopping wet in way too many spots for anyone to be on them.

    One benefit of all this rain is that the ground is supremely workable… it just so happens that If…[Read more]

  • That is some sweet rock armouring! Paving out wet spots with “locally sourced” stone has successfully dealt with several active drainages and perma-weeps in the Don and made entire sections of trail rideable sooner. Theoretically the rock should help keep the trail narrow, but I’m always stunned by how many people the stones and back into the…[Read more]

  • Changed my mind. Second hand trail report suggests things should be OK this afternoon, especially now that no showers are expected. Use good judgement on the lower trails & stay on the rock armouring. Get out there while the gettin’ is good!

  • Not looking good – the ground is fully saturated in the valley so trails are unlikely to dry up even if the sun pops out tomorrow (Wednesday).

    All the rain expected Thursday to Saturday will be a significant setback and may cause flooding on Boo / Beaver Flats, and the Flats & DJ’s – the underpasses could be under water! Sunday’s annual Paddle…[Read more]

  • Lots of rain yesterday but the trails / plants are soaking it up rapidly. Late afternoon/evening will be good to go but expect a few greasy spots.

    Progress has been made on the significant wet spots on the Swamp and SHT. Stay on the rock and you won’t have to wash your bike! Many thanks to whoever cleared the log & stick dam on SHT.

    Coyote on…[Read more]

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