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  • yes thank you trail fairies, never seen anyone all year but the foreplay/fiveplay transition makes it very apparent how much your work helps. yesterday was amazing, felt like the last man on earth in the don. prime conditions and not a soul to be seen, besides people yelling at dogs in the distance.

    i noticed bunny poop riding smoother, put it…[Read more]

  • jhop replied to the topic Off season training in the forum TALKING ABOUT BIKES 2 months ago

    I owned a trainer in the
    past and haaaaaated it, it was also way too noisy to use in a shared space at the time. I now have a garage i could set up in and am extremely motivated to keep my bike fitness up and hopefully improved over the winter season….but still hesitant to shell out for a trainer after my unimpressive initial experience with it.…[Read more]

  • Slayer is such a sick bike! demoed it in the don this week, despite some less than optimal tuning (loose headset that almost killed me off a jump) i was blown away by its handling….funny thing was though it felt like i was going down faster than i ever had, upon checking strava at end of run, i had no fastest times down, but plenty of pb climbs!…[Read more]

  • Wow, Barbados looks to have ON options beat on all fronts!

    Puslinch about half the distance compared to turkey point so aiming for there….fingers crossed weather holds and can get first dirt run of year in tomorrow.

    Thanks for the recommendations

  • Hey all, looks like tomorrow or thurs will be my only april day to go ride, where would be my best bet in and around an hour or two of GTA to have an inaugural run of the bike? not explored much of ontario so up for anywhere….

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