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Tested: Shimano CM-1000 Sports Camera

When Shimano joined the largely GoPro-dominated wearable camera market in 2014 with their Shimano CM-1000 Sports Camera, I don’t think I was alone in being skeptical as to whether or not the camera could compete. Afterall, this is a camera that for all intensive purposes is designed to appeal to, and work well for, both fisherman and cyclists; two sports



Tested: Fox Factory Float 34

Oct 23, 2015
Matty F

When Fox introduced their 34mm stanchion models for the 2013 model year, it appeared to be the solution that many riders had wanted for years – a long travel trail fork that split the difference between the spindly 32mm models, and 36mm forks that were too heavy and aggressive for a large sect of trail riders.  However, the release of

Custom Tuning and Hop Ups by The Pros at Suspension Werx

Sep 28, 2015
Matty F

When looking at component upgrades on a either a freshly bought bike, or a whip that’s been a proven favourite for a rider, suspension upgrades often go completely without thought.  A suspension rebuild to keep things fresh?  Sure.  But the idea of going for a custom tune, or getting other upgrades done inside an existing fork, where most riders will



Tested: Intense Spider 275 Pro

Aug 04, 2015

Intense Cycles has long been a forward thinking company where bike design is concerned. Long before adopting the VPP suspension platform, the company had one of the greatest downhill race machines of all time, the M1. A bike that had major bike manufacturers so caught off the back that their own racers insisted on riding rebadged versions of it rather


Tested: Giant Reign Advanced 0

Jul 20, 2015

When we first reviewed Giant’s Reign 2 as part of our Fall Test Session last year, it took top marks based on its incredible value and performance.   Having experienced what Giant could deliver in a $2800 package, I was left pining for their Enduro World Series caliber Reign Advanced 0. The rebirth of Giant’s Reign bikes progressed the venerable line


Tested: Kona Process 134 DL

Jul 14, 2015
Matty F

The Kona Process line has come to spread itself across a solid number of options for all manners of trail rider, with all three wheels sizes being included in the options, and four different travel options. This starts at the 29” wheeled Process 111 trail ripper, and goes through to the big mountain enduro/mini-downhill Process 167 option that spins on

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