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Tested: Two Seasons Rolling on The Pivot Les Fat

Mar 27, 2017

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m an all-embracing bike junkie. Despite having a dozen or so enviable, quiver-killing rides slung throughout my garage, if the bike-bureaucrats were to come knocking and take them all but one, this Pivot Les Fat might be the sole survivor. I’m not even really sure I like fatbikes, if I’m coming clean, but I


Loved it!

7,500km Across The Trans-Oceania Aboard the Kona Sutra LTD

Jan 24, 2017

This bike was tested on the 2016 Trans-Oceania cycling expedition The bike packing phenomenon has been a godsend for TDA’s style of riding. Traditional touring bikes have never been a perfect fit for supported tours like ours, but the fast-and-light approach of bike packing has led to a multitude of new and exciting bike options. When I got the call to ride


So Fun!

User Review: Team Colin Reviews the 2017 Norco Ithaqua

Jan 15, 2017

Christmas came early this year for Team Colin, in the form of a test ride weekend with a 2017 Norco Ithaqua 6.1. Norco’s answer to the question “Hey Norco, could you please build a racing fatbike for me? They answered “Yes”, and the Ithaqua is many other things too, but at it its core, it’s just a big, mean, race-ready,



Tested: Santa Cruz Tallboy 3 CC

Nov 09, 2016

Like many, this story begins as the proud owner of either the legendary Tallboy or its updated follow-up the Tallboy 2. Both were undeniable, leading-edge bikes in the budding 29er market. In my case, it was the second version, and like countless skeptics was the bike that sold me on the big wheels. The capabilities of my Tallboy 2 never

Five Days In Whistler Bike Park – Which Rental Ruled the Roost

Oct 13, 2016
Neville Park

Recently I had the pleasure of demoing four top-of-the-line bikes at Whistler Bike Park. Conditions were all-time with the mountain receiving a bunch of rain the week before and then nothing but pure sun for the days I was there. An early morning flight and a friend picked me up, bike in tow from YVR. We headed up towards MTB mecca, The



Tested: Giant Trance Advanced 27.5 1

Jul 15, 2016

When it came time to choose my long-term ride for the season, the Giant Trance Advanced 27.5 1 was at the top of a very short list. Even researching other brands, nothing checked all the boxes like this machine does. It’s ultra capable, extremely versatile and comes at a price that will leave room for a bike trip or two

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