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Land of The Sunset and Sharp Plants: Tucson

Feb 15, 2017

Over many years of cross-country competing, I spent most of my spring breaks down in Tucson, Arizona, for some solid winter training. Wanting to get those base miles in, I always brought my road bike with me…travelling with one bike is enough work, and it was more bang for my buck with the road bike. So in conclusion, after all

When Nothing Goes Right: Go Left

Feb 06, 2017

Okay, not literally, especially when your van is persistent on dragging you onto the right shoulder. When you realize that something is seriously not right whilst driving the 75 mph speed limit proceed to follow these steps: Step One: Don’t Panic Step Two: PANIC Step Three: Call Dad when you realize you have cell service. Phew. My first recommendation to

The Wendigo Ultra – Stories from the Trail

Jan 27, 2017

Canada is a well-known destination for mountain bike enthusiasts. Many dream of shredding Whistler Bike Park, going for an epic tour of the North Shore, or perhaps freeriding in Squamish. The common feature of these places? All are situated on the far-western side of Canada. For someone from Ontario, this is a little disheartening and, perhaps, a little unfair. Mountain

It’s Van Life, Not Glam Life: First Stop At Louisville Mega Cavern

Jan 20, 2017

In the wake of my 25th birthday (call it a quarter-life crisis if you will), an opportunity for adventure was calling my name. The lure of travelling with my mountain bike has been a lifelong passion, and lately, seemed to be at an all time low. The idea of quitting my full time office job to move into a van

Top 5 Adventure Rides in Revelstoke B.C.

Jan 18, 2017

Some call it a hike-a-bike, some call it a summit mission, some even call it a sufferfest. I like to call it an adventure! Whatever your taste for wording and whatever your style of riding, if you can handle the long hours in the saddle, the steep and technical terrain, the relentless hike-a bike, and the long gruelling climbs, these

Emily Batty: A Tour of Where She Rides When She’s Home.

Jan 13, 2017

Emily Batty had an incredible year on her mountain bike; she won the Canadian Championships and got third in the World Championships. And though her performance at the 2016 Olympics in Brazil was one spot away from a medal (she got fourth) as Canadians, we didn’t love her any less. “I just ran out of gas,” she says of her

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