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Why You Need to Race Paris to Ancaster This Year

Mar 13, 2017

P2A:  A Look Back and a Look Forward My name is Colin.  I’m 45 years old, and I’m going to race my 5th Paris to Ancaster this spring.  I’m a rider, a dad, a husband, a friend, and a teacher.  I’m also a racer.  I love bikes. MTB, gravel, fatbike, road, whatever.  I even have my certification to ride the Mattamy

Ultra-Endurance Preparation: Winter-Ultras

Mar 01, 2017

As a relatively young rider, my cycling interests are still in the midst of their development – I know I love cycling, but which discipline is most suitable for me, personally? In my few years of cycling, I have competed in events on the complete opposite sides of the cycling spectrum. My cycling endeavours began with racing downhill at the

Shred the Red: Sedona

Mar 01, 2017

CRACK! It happens faster than you can say the word, but man does it hurt. As I wrap up my first two weeks in Sedona, and say a farewell to family that had been in town visiting and riding for the week, I’ll now be spending the next couple of days nursing a bruised body and ego. Wanting to be

Blue Mountain Bike Park 2017 Season Launch

2016 was a big year at the Blue Mountain Bike Park. We welcomed the return of Canada Cup Downhill Racing to Ontario, hosted a full week of clinics with Geoff Gulevich, saw major trailwork completed on O-Chute, Fresh Air and Minion’s Rush, and were stoked to see such a great response to our end-of-year Rider Survey.   Looking ahead to

Land of The Sunset and Sharp Plants: Tucson

Feb 15, 2017

Over many years of cross-country competing, I spent most of my spring breaks down in Tucson, Arizona, for some solid winter training. Wanting to get those base miles in, I always brought my road bike with me…travelling with one bike is enough work, and it was more bang for my buck with the road bike. So in conclusion, after all

When Nothing Goes Right: Go Left

Feb 06, 2017

Okay, not literally, especially when your van is persistent on dragging you onto the right shoulder. When you realize that something is seriously not right whilst driving the 75 mph speed limit proceed to follow these steps: Step One: Don’t Panic Step Two: PANIC Step Three: Call Dad when you realize you have cell service. Phew. My first recommendation to

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